DatRagingDemon 7 mei 2013 om 1:25nm
Skyrim skill mod idea
Does anybody else see the benefit of taking a skyrim guard's quote? any quote, and just turning it into a spell or part of a skill?
"conjure me up a warm bed will you?" *summon warm bed*
"can you brew me an ale?" *meanwhile, at the alchemy table*
and so forth, I for one would just love something like this to exist for the sake of humor.
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Roscaria 7 mei 2013 om 10:34nm 
What! ! Make the guards even lazier? The guard who wants an enchantment for his dull blade because he's too damm lazy to use a grindstone to sharpen it. no way! Besides the other guards are suposed to be on patrol not sleeping in warm beds or getting plastered. Although it would be funny if you could drop a bed on the guards head and bury the other one under a pile of mead.
AlexVan 7 mei 2013 om 10:40nm 
Roscaria I agree. It would be funny..
Niall Of the Nine 7 mei 2013 om 10:45nm 
you can do it, but you must use the power of THOR THE THUNDERGOD. >.>

but yeah i think you can, I have not done it but it should be pretty easy unless the skyrim CS is really lame.
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DatRagingDemon 7 mei 2013 om 10:58nm 
the point is to turn the already lazy guard complaints into an in-game skill mechanic for lulz.
oh, and the ale you brew restores stamina without the nasty side effect.
liosalpha 7 mei 2013 om 11:32nm 
there is a conjure bed mod around, the others idk.
DatRagingDemon 7 mei 2013 om 11:51nm 
..............now if we can make a mod that does all of that stuff.
"skyrim could use more healers" restoration spell, summon healer spirit
"so you what, fetch the mead?" conjure mead storm, deals 100+ physics damage in a small area
"I heard it i tell you! howling!, those werewolf stories are true!" transform guard into werewolf spell.
and so on.
just something that enterprises on random guard comments would be heavenly, now, if you'll excuse me, i have a bed to conjure.
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