Doc 2013年5月4日 13時41分
"Follower cannot follow you here"
That is the sentence that appears at the high left corner.

The reason I'm posting this here because I am honestly so confused as I have no follower mods (I'm not a fan of followers. Hate them actually.) and this also appears when I begin a new game with a new character.

Although my main character on a different save file do have a follower but only make him a husband to my female character.

Honestly this is not a big issue at all. It shows up for a second and disappears. Just curious what could be causing it or anyone does have this occuring when someone makes a new game.
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Rhuto 2013年5月4日 13時55分 
It is when you get an NPC as follower for the the first quest for the Companions.

Even if you don't go with Lydia (or someone else) the game know you have her as follower, and the statement is just to notice you that you can't bring her along in the vanilla game....there are mods that allow such thing...but that was not the issue here :)
Doc 2013年5月4日 14時00分 
No, no, you're not reading what I said.

It shows when I begin a new game. Right after the character creation. It appears the second the gameplay start.

No quests started.
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Rhuto 2013年5月4日 14時36分 
okay, then that might show that information might be transfered between games....haven't seen much of fact you are the only question is....when you change you then go all the way to desktop..and then start the game again.or do you only go to main menu and start again?

I think the best thing to do is to always go to desktop...then restart....but but..honestly I don't know what have happen.
Doc 2013年5月4日 22時31分 
In fact, I went to the desktop as I went to remove a few mods before starting a new character.

Nothing major anyway, I can live with it. It just shows up for a second after the character creation.
Paladin 2013年5月4日 22時56分 
It's Serena. It's a Dawnguard bug. You should be safe to ignore it.

If you're using AFT, just do a reset before you get any followers and you'll be fine.
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Doc 2013年5月4日 23時16分 
Serena the vampire?

That's strange. Well, I meant that my main character and the new character did not encounter her yet although it didnt appear before and during the main character.
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