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Kahale 2013年5月3日 21時57分
werewolf mastered wont unlock
So its was caused by the last steam or bethesda patch please look into this valve lots of people cant unlock it now
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llllShaDoWllll 2013年7月25日 9時11分 
Do you have the mod "More Werewolf perks" or any werewolf perks? If yes then that's the issue, uninstall it and you'll be fine!
Kahale 2013年7月25日 11時16分 
wow.... this post was forever ago..... The issue is not with a perk but an achievement ... I have not tried to unlock it sence this post so it could be fixed but just for you information I do not have any mods that affect werewolves... except maybe improved blessings
llllShaDoWllll 2013年7月25日 11時26分 
Yes, i know, sorry to ressurect this topic, but i thought maybe i would be interested in this, i wasn't getting the achievement and the reason was because of this mod.
Kahale 2013年7月25日 13時34分 
oh well thanks.... ill try removing improved blessings maybe that will work
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