Reggae 2013년 5월 3일 오후 1시 35분
so there is an arrow lodged in my hand.. super annoying... anyone to get it out?
some npc shot me in the hand and the arrow is just stuck there so annoying since im playing mage i always have an arrow sticking out. anyway to reload my char model or something to clear ir?
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Phantom Bullet 2013년 5월 3일 오후 1시 38분 
It usually disappear after a moment although in some cases it disappears in an hour or two.
pees3434 2013년 5월 3일 오후 2시 29분 
i found sleeping gets rid of arrows for me
aturqoise 2013년 5월 3일 오후 9시 52분 
Maybe take all arrows out of your inventory, that might get rid of it.
Jogon 2013년 5월 3일 오후 11시 35분 
Use your Healing spell if you have one. Otherwise pretend it is the latest fad in Skyrim and every one should have one!
mcbarker69 2013년 5월 4일 오전 12시 46분 
At least you didn't take an arrow in the knee (like so many of the town guards), then you couldn't be an adventurer. Hey! Someone had to say it! :)
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