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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Recommended Specs for Skyrim on Ultra with ENB
Im thinking of getting a gaming pc and am wondering what specs of a computer will run skyrim on full setting with an enb with all the good stuff like DOF,SSAO ect.

Her iss the challange, i'm on a budget and have picked an AMD FX-6300 and an ASUS 7870 for my cpu and gpu.

What do you guys think performance wise i will get with these parts? FPS i mean.
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Since you're on a budget, you're going to have to choose between "Ultra w/ ENB" and a top of the line computer OR "Skyrim with ENB" and a budget computer
Every review I have read on the 7870 says that it will run skyrim maxed out, (and most other games also). I am getting one next month when my tax refund shows up.
What budget are you on? And do you have a pc you can upgrade?
its my first pc so starting from scratch - just want to know if im picking my parts properly so i wont have to for a while. You guys can see my wishlist of parts if that would help?

My budget is reaching the limit at around £800

I will be playing skyrim probably more than any other game and want to run butter smooth and high quality and if possible an enb. Would these parts be resonable for what i am asking?
Well if you want enb and all of the texture replacers make sure the gfx card you get is 3-4 gig vram. I have a gtx 670 2 gig I bought 6 months ago, and really wish I'd went with the 4 gig version. I'm not sure on the conversion of pounds to dollars so..anyway just my 2 cents
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