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jlpars75 2013年5月3日 8時29分
Fed up!
Three of the main quests will not finish or even begin for me. Wolf Queen Awakened; Blood on the Ice and Nightcaller Temple. Are there any CK commands to make them work right?
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Rhuto 2013年5月3日 8時30分 
maybe it is due to CK command or mods they don't work?.....or do you play the vanilla game?
jlpars75 2013年5月3日 8時32分 
All 3 DLC's and lots of mods for quests.
Rhuto 2013年5月3日 8時36分 
yep...thought so...they might interfere....sorry....but been there myself....and seen the truth of it. It is the price you must pay in order to mod your game with unofficial content.
Altbert 2013年5月3日 8時38分 
Take a look at the quest descriptions on the UESP Wiki ( At the bottom you will find a list of bugs and a possible solution to fix them. Some of the bugs may have been fixed by one of the unofficial patches that you can find here on Steam.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年5月3日 8時41分 
I know how to get thru Nightcaller Temple, it had me...until...

just before you go into the dream state...or just after..TURN OFF ALL SAVES..EVEN CHARACTER SAVE, Scroll to the right on that one till it says off..

Go thru the game to the end WITHOUT SAVING OR ANY AUTO SAVE ACTIVE...Also, try not to touch anything too, it crashes when you look in chests etc also...

You can complete it that way.

SPOILER Do not read if you don't wanna know what happens:
And I didn't kill the guy. He is a good person as far as I believe
SilverSnake 2013年5月3日 9時54分 
Havent Beth fixed the Nightcalled quicksave bug in 1.9? It worked for me and i dont have the unofficial mods.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年5月3日 10時04分 
Well..when I bought Skyrim...and started the first bit at helgen, having just made my first Character..I noticed Legendary I saw the 1.9 in my menu too..and later on in the game, I got to Dawnstar, and had the bug, so, no, it wasn't fixed...I'll stop there..
Jogon 2013年5月3日 23時44分 
Turning off the save works. I did not have any problem with collecting loot though.
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