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Area-specific crash to desktop
I'm in dire need of a fix of some sort, this is annoying.
basically, i'm locked out of an entire area, i tried waiting for over a week in-game time, nothing, i tried verifying integrity of the game cache, nadda.
now i'm doing a complete uninstall and re-install, which i know shall not only waste hours of my time, but repair NOTHING
this stupid bug is area specific, it can be the size of an ENTIRE HOLD when it happens, i can get crash-locked out of an entire hold!!! it doesn't matter how i try to approach it either, no matter the direction, if i get withing loading distance of that area, CRASH-
and then i restart from my save. hooray
so yeah, imma bit miffed, MIFFED I TELL YOU!!!
(note, this bug only happens to late-leveled characters who have discovered a lot of stuff on the map, i'm getting the idea that this might be common)
My pc can handle this game, it had before, sometimes i never get the bug, but this time i wanted to use the character for a looong time, not re-roll as i typically do.
if you have any idea, ANY IDEA as to what's causing this, or if you had something similar (an area or space within the game becomes inaccessible due to desktop crashes caused by some error) please, post it. this lesser known glitch is a GAME BREAKING BUG and needs to be recognized and then reported with more accuracy than i can actually give.
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also, my character gained blue glowy draugr eyes, don't know why it's relevant, just thought i'd tell ya.
I had a similar problem a few months ago (see: I couldn't solve it at first, but eventually by removing a couple of mods I didn't use anymore, the problem was solved. However, can't tell you which ones I have removed. There was one comment. It didn't help me, but maybe it could help you.
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > Общие обсуждения > Подробности темы
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