[Cash.net] SadisticPotato 2013年5月3日上午3:13
Fire Bug
Everytime i look at any fire ingame (Torches, camp fires, Spells etc.) it shows a weird pillar of... whatever and my whole screen begins to flicker. But this is only if i look at the fire in first person, if i switch to third person i dont have that bug anymore... as long as i play in third person everything is fine. I did not use any mods/ texture replacements/ etc. Does anyone have any idea how i can fix it? I have tried the Steam High Res Texture packs, one of the first unofficial and official patches, a texture replacement for fire textures... I have no idea why this bug started. I don't even know what i did to trigger it. Help me please :/
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Zezsta 2013年7月2日上午7:23 
you are not alone this is happening to me as well. I dont know why this happens either been trying to play around with graphics and lowering them from high to medium but nothing seems to happen. if you gain any answer along the way please message me.
Hailey 2013年7月2日上午7:28 
It's probably just a bug with the engine o_o
Jet fuel cant melt dank memes 2013年7月14日上午10:18 
i bought skyrim yesterday and downloaded it today. when i look at torches or certain fires i have the same problem. if i go third person it stops but still i need help. im not using high resolution texture.
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