Totesofficialcp 2013年5月2日下午8:56
what is the console command to get into sovengaurd?
please tell me, thank you in advance
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Jogon 2013年5月2日下午9:44 
If you want it that bad perhaps you should look it up yourself or complete the quest properly?!!
IIIM477H3WIII 2013年5月3日上午4:16 
引用自 totesofficialCP
please tell me, thank you in advance
well ill look it up
Pieni Mursu 2013年5月3日上午4:18 
Not sure why you'd need it, but here you go.
coc SovngardeStart
IIIM477H3WIII 2013年5月3日上午4:19 
i found it here it is= coc SovngardeMeadHall
Altbert 2013年5月3日上午8:48 
Sovngarde contains several cells: SovngardeAlduinPerch, SovngardeCenter, SovngardeMeadHall, SovngardeNorth, SovngardeStart. Depends on where you want to go.
Totesofficialcp 2013年5月3日下午6:10 
just wanted too go back. as the times i was there i rushed and wanted to finish the game.
Totesofficialcp 2013年5月3日下午6:10 
and thank you
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