The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

SwoodJeff 2013年5月2日下午2:39
Mods needed please! *MOD MAKERS PLEASE READ*
Cand someone please make a mod for weight,leveling and,better weapons?
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paigeturnerone 2013年5月2日下午4:08 
There is a mod for carryweight - it's 100x your current carryweight. For leveling, there is a mod to use dragon souls for perks, and there are a number of better weapon mods.
Adura 2013年5月2日下午4:15 
Could ya be more specific? Do you mean a mod that changes carry weight, character leveling and better weapons? Do you mean a mod that alters the weight, leveled status and strength of weapons? Do you mean a mod that allows you to level weapons and alter their stats and weight?

And in what way do you want the changes applied? Less/more weight? More realistic weight?
SwoodJeff 2013年5月3日下午4:49 
I would really like more weight capacity....This is my third playthrough and you could say I'm doing a MODDED speed run...
SwoodJeff 2013年5月3日下午6:11 
So anything that would make me more powerful I will take.
StinkyCheese 2013年5月3日下午10:07 
You used to be able to just do a console command to increase your carry weight. That's what I did when I moved all my stuff from my house to another house. I didn't want to take 900 trips so I ended up having well over 10k carry weight...and then lost quite a bit when that house mod updated and changed container names :(
pike 2013年5月3日下午10:17 
wow , 3rd play through and you only got 19.5 hours , that has to be a record
Juu 2013年5月3日下午10:31 
I could make some custom weapons and armor that would be great, Message me later and tommrow I'll get started if you want.
SwoodJeff 2013年5月5日上午9:48 
@Pike PS3 heard of it?

I got it for this PC b/c I heard there's console commands.....
Juu 2013年5月5日上午9:50 
引用自 SonOfAWitch
@Pike PS3 heard of it?

I got it for this PC b/c I heard there's console commands.....
Too me, Console commands ruin the game.
Neil 2013年5月5日上午10:17 
player.modav carryweight 1000
SwoodJeff 2013年5月5日下午12:22 
@neiljwd Thanks! :D
SwoodJeff 2013年5月5日下午12:23 
@#Fruany we all have opinions.
ZenOokami 2013年5月5日下午2:31 
Skyrim Redone, Immersive weapons/Armors, I believe they have the backpack items so you can carry more weight.

Conjurable Chest as well so you can summon a chest and banish it.

For leveling, if you don't want to cheat use the Skyrim Community Uncapper (this is included in Skyim Redone), if you do want to cheat simply use console.

better weapons look for Immersive Weapons.

Hope this helps!
SwoodJeff 2013年5月18日上午10:04 
@zaneblalock thanks so much for the help! :D
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