gamersrawk = DBH= 2013年5月1日 20時46分
im not really wanting to stop being a vamp i just want to know if i can continue playing as i was before i became one, like running the missions, going to the citys etc........., because as of right now i cant do ne thing but get killed by everyone, lol please help
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KJ Nightmarez 2013年5月1日 23時33分 
do u want to cure it? just go ask about rummors
Jogon 2013年5月1日 23時42分 
You can but have to keep feeding to keep your character down to level one. If you do enough quests you can feed off of everyone you kill but when you stop and after three days go to level four everyone will try and kill you.
Kelvy 2013年5月2日 2時32分 
See your other post
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