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ok i have now become infected what do i do ?, lol i mean can i bite people to satisfy the hunger or what?
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If you are only infected, then you have to sleep in a bed to become a vampire officially. If you are a vampire then yes, you can feed on sleeping people to satisfy the hunger, or you can let the hunger increase and become stonger at the expense to being weaker to the sun and fire if I'm correct. If you don't feed though, many shop keepers won't deal with you, so to buy and sell you need to feed.
If you are at all familiar with how mods work, you might want to check out Better Vampires by Brehainin on the Nexus, I couldn't get myself to play a vampire without it.
how do i stop everyone from attacking me? i cant go into any city at all now so finding ne one asleep is damn near immpossible?
Try a Stormcloak or Imperial camp, after dark most of them will be asleep.

If you're at stage 4 where everyone attacks, you should have the Embrace of Shadows invisibility spell. Use that to get close enough to feed.
ok i will try that ty for ur help
Go to Northwatch Keep kill all the thalmor there(note they do not respawn)there is a prisoner sleeping you can keep going back end of each day have 3 or 5 feeds and leave. Note if she wakes up don't talk and leave when you go back she is asleep again. You can then level up to master doing this (quick way is press T to pass the days) Note after a feed you can go into towns etc. This is in vanilla mode.
Kelvy i have killed everyone in northwatch keep inside and out but the only 2 prisoners i find are awake in there jail cells, is there more i havnt found yet?
Should be two standing and a woman sleeping on the floor in one of the cells. the cells are close you open them they just stand there the other just sleeps. Have you done the old girl (jewelly) in Whiterun market request, if you haven't maybe go back a few saves and redo some of the game won't spoil to much, but if you have done it, she should be there(I think it is a gitch in the game) and they miss respawn there, any other fort you go into there are alway someone to fight.
ok ty i found her also where do i get the black soul gem and how do i fill it so i can get rid of the curse?
Search around, maechants, mages to Jarls, note to do that part must have soul trap.
oh ok that was my next question how do i get the soul into the black gem, lol ty
srry for so many questions but after i kill someone i am trying to use the soul trap on them but the black gem is still empty am i missing something?
You your tab key (magic)and klick on soul trap to active. Use action key first then kill bandit(only to be used on humans) Later in game enchant a sword to capture souls it becomes easier.
I am stuck after that, i have the filled black soul gem, he says meet me at the summoning circle
only where is that?
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