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Phantom Bullet 2013年4月30日 15時54分
Belethor is dead...
He is the owner of the General Goods in Whiterun.

I swear I don't know how he died, or who killed him. I was confused and annoyed that his store was closed for few days and I was walking around and suddenly stopped to look at the strange iron dagger sticking out of the ground next to his shop. I came closer to it and the name of the dead body that lay below the ground appears, displaying "Search Belethor".

What in the god's name was he doing out of his shop? I never knew he would come out of his shop lmao

I don't care anyway as he is not essential but still lol I tried to reload the save and he was already dead by the time I got in Whiterun =s Maybe it was the traveller merchant, which I added by a mod, killed him to eliminate the comp between them both lol

Anyhow, any advice to resurrect him if I wanted him back to his damned store.
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Chaz 2013年4月30日 15時57分 
LOL, I sometimes get upset myself when I travel to a town and one of the random merchants is found dead by some random vampire attack and it's a pain to use a command code to bring them back, even harder when that NPC is a smoking pile of white "ess ach eye tee" and you have to dig for a better code to get them back.
Phantom Bullet 2013年4月30日 16時06分 
Usually if there was a thief, his body would be nearby. I'll search lol
silver 2013年4月30日 16時11分 
gypsy magic the only logical explantion
LinkStrife 2013年4月30日 16時57分 
Anyone who tells you that Belethor only comes out of his shop when he chases a thief out of his shop doesn't know what he is talking about. Therefore, Belethor has not obviously been killed by the thief he was allegedly chasing.

I don't know if you have the Dawguard DLC, but I do and I can tell you that Belethor has been killed quite a few times by vampires attacking in Whiterun. I happen to care for Belethor (and use him quite a lot as a merchant) so I reloaded my game quite a few times because of him being killed while defending against vampires. Adrianne (spelling?) at the nearby forge and her husband (can't remember his name right now) also died for the same reason.

Of course, if you don't own Dawguard, all of this doesn't apply.
very smug 2013年4月30日 16時59分 
The only thief any merchant chases out of the shop is you, which would mean you would have had to kill him

And since you didn't, maybe he had too many sweetrolls and not enough exercise.
Phantom Bullet 2013年4月30日 17時06分 
I do indeed have Dawnguard for a while, even played it although I made a new character and added a random start mod, ever since I haven't seen any vampires around yet.

If it was vampires, I would have seen them running around attacking people or their dead bodies at least but there were nothing at all. It's like Belethor stabbed himself and bleed to his death under the ground lol

Speaking of sweetrolls, he did had one on him lol :P
stabbykitteh 2013年4月30日 17時18分 
There are vampires called Travelers in the Dawnguard DLC. Unlike the other vampire attackers, you don't always see them enter cities - you just see the corpses they leave behind :(
KJ Nightmarez 2013年4月30日 17時20分 
just type ressurect "cant spell", on the command prompt and he will come bak to life like nothing happed
Phantom Bullet 2013年4月30日 17時20分 
Ah yes, I never thought about that. Speaking of travellers, I believe I saw one in the pub. That little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ lol
Phantom Bullet 2013年4月30日 17時21分 
KjNightmarez の投稿を引用:
just type ressurect "cant spell", on the command prompt and he will come bak to life like nothing happed

Sadly his body disappeared when I went out of the city but I will at some point when I get around to find his code on the net.
stabbykitteh 2013年4月30日 17時24分 
Check the Hall of the Dead, you may find him there. Not certain if he'll resume his merchant duties if he's resurrected though.
KJ Nightmarez 2013年4月30日 17時25分 
u should be able to just load before he died, lick him on the prompt, and just type that i code and click enter, then go to ur real save and type resurrect and then his code, that dont work, then u just hav togo on the creation kit and add him again to the store, this should work. i had to do it to the high queen wat ever her name is bc after i finished the war wit the stormcloaks she just glitched and was completely removed from the game
wowszer 2013年4月30日 19時12分 
Happened to me after getting Dawnguard, actually with several of store owners in Whiterun. Found a mod that changed all NPCs to essential. Problem solved. Decided to start over to get them all back, no biggy. Btw it seems they all like to party, get a touch of the mead, especially after midnight. They also hate vampires, so will help out the guards at a drop of a hat. So getting killed at night seems to be a fact of life. And Belethor was killed right beside me. At the time I resurrected him, but he allways wandered around outside his shop. That might have got fixed by updates later, but anyways never happens now.
Dravencour 2014年3月5日 20時21分 
Belethor was killed by vampires early on in my playthrough (yep, Dawnguard). Ysolda's now in charge of the General Goods store, though her money is a little lacking. I will be joining the Dawnguard first chance I get (as from a character perspective, there is no way in Oblivion these bloodsuckers are getting away with attacking my DB's home city like that), though I was hoping to wait until I got the Elder Scroll in the Main Questline, since it's necessary to finish the Dawnguard storyline.
最近の変更はDravencourが行いました; 2014年3月5日 20時25分
Incunabulum 2014年3月5日 20時30分 
Ysolda will take over the shop (eventually) after Belethor's death.
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