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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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lewislamb 30 apr, 2013 @ 9:21
When is Bethesda gonna adress the Miraak glitch
This glitch with Miraak not being able to be killed is really getting on my nerves
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Jogon 30 apr, 2013 @ 15:32 
Miraak can be killed. I can not understand why you are finding you can not unless trying to use shortcuts. You need to take plenty of health potions and any poison ones to deplete his magica and stamina to get through it. He also has health potions and you need to deplete these. I used an enchanted bow to stand off and attack him along with an atronach.
CERBERUS 30 apr, 2013 @ 15:49 
They will adress that glitch sometime between now and never. It has already been fixed by modders in the unoffical dragonborn patch. If it still wont work after using that patch then you have a mod messing with it.
What in the seven hells?

I killed him just fine. I don't even have any unofficial patches installed and my whole game runs fine, no glitches or bugs found, it was running and looks like it should.

I don't understand the need of the unofficial patches. Can someone please explain why it was required and what it fixes?
Ursprungligen skrivet av stoochmaster:
When you learn to play without mods and all this 3rd party crap you won't have issues.

Ursprungligen skrivet av Dakez:
I don't understand the need of the unofficial patches. Can someone please explain why it was required and what it fixes?

Despite what anyone says or any links and or information people want to provide other than this next sentence, the unofficial patch was created to fix issues that MODS and 3rd party tools/programs caused.

Ah right, I didn't know that despite that I used to have about 100 mods installed and I ran it without issues =P Thanks for clarifying that mate.
dAb 30 apr, 2013 @ 16:13 
1) There is no such bug in vanilla. This is a known issue caused by:

- mods that alter the skeletons animations
- a wrong load order
- loose scripts files altering the Dragons behavior. They affect Miraak as well.

2) The Unofficial Patches do not fix this. It's not their purpose.

3) Despite misinformation people are intentionally spreading [or I should say pluribanned clones of the same person], Unofficial Patches have absolutely nothing to do with mods. They fix bugs in vanilla and official DLC only.
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