kyokonasagi 2013年4月29日 20時37分
Fighting Miraak bug workaround.
Ok I have no idea if this has been posted or not but I have found that once Miraak disappears during the fight, use console command "tcl" walk back to a book chapter, touch down then activate the book. Once you load, touch the book again to go back and "tcl" walk your way back to the fight. This allowed me to continue while getting this stuff although you have to go underground teh area still.
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TheNovemberMan 2013年4月30日 8時42分 
there is no bug when you fight Miraak. Tell me what your problem is so i can help you.
kyokonasagi 2013年4月30日 15時06分 
Not a problem but rather a workaround solution to continue when he disappears from killing him.
Sexy_like_a_Lumberjack 2013年4月30日 22時20分 
did any one else have to fight him with a pickaxe because everthing else killed him to fast and he got stuck etheral
最近の変更はSexy_like_a_Lumberjackが行いました; 2013年4月30日 22時20分
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