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GlennBelgium 2013年4月28日 11時22分
any cool mods for this?
is there a mod or mods to become really big or just as big as a mamoth or somthing?
also i want to know is there a mod to get the power of the hulk or superman with only using your fists?
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Kryptonian 2013年5月13日 23時25分 
check out my superman mods I have a few
Practical1 2013年5月14日 2時18分 
All you need is the console, my curious friend! Be advised that doing this might temporarily make you unable to earn achievements, but a simple restart of the game is all that's required to fix that.

Player.setscale 0-10 (with 0 being the smallest and 10 being the largest)
Player.setav unarmeddamage 1000
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