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LinkStrife 28. apr, 2013 @ 12:00am
Mods killed Skyrim
I was surprised to hear that there would not be any other expansion packs for Skyrim. After all, the game has been hugely successful. Bethesda's previous full game, Fallout 3, received no less than five full scale expansion packs. I was hoping Skyrim would receive at least as many. But that is not going to happen, it seems.

Skyrim is suffering from an endless string of posts complaining of CTDs. Posts that, nine times out of ten, name the cause of the problem to be mods. I have asked a few times that people post questions about mods in the "Skyrim Wortkshop Discussion" forum to no avail. It seems many players, at least the ones who are complaining on the forums, complain about the problems caused by mods and do so on the "General Discussions" forum. All these complaints make the game look bad. I play vanilla Skyrim and have a very pleasant gaming experience. People come and read the "General Discussions" forum and get a very negative idea of the game.

Most people are experiencing problems because they use mods or they cheat using the console command. Then they complain on the main forum and make the game look bad.

I am not saying that Bethesda decided to abandon Skyrim because of all the negativity from the community, but it is certainly a possibility. I don't know of any other game where the community is so critical of the game they are playing. Maybe Bethesda just had enough of the negative comments from the community and decided to move on. I certainly would not blame them. People criticize the game for having bugs while the bugs are caused by mods.

Some people say that mods add to the longevity of a game. I say that it is the opposite. Mods killed Skyrim and the problems caused by mods is why we don't get any other expantion packs for Skyrim.

Please note that the present thread had been dead for a few months and has now been resurrected. Of course, you are still welcomed to post your comments if you are interested but please take the time to read the following post I wrote on 2nd May. I thought it would end the debate but it did not:

"Consensus is that mods did NOT kill Skyrim!. I am ready to abandon ship. Here are some numbers that helped me changed my mind. As of 7.31.2012, Skyrim had sold 10 million copies. Seven of those ten million copies were sold within one week after launch. Therefore releasing a major title is what brings in the bulk of the money. I am joining those who said that Bethesda left Skyrim behind in order to be able to release a new major title as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. It was fun. (Well for the most part anyway...)

P.S.: I haven't change my mind about one thing: it is extremely annoying to read posts by people who wrecked their game because they used mods without sufficient knowledge and then cry foul that Skyrim is full of bugs."

Thank you once again to everyone who posted.
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