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HR texture pack question.
I got skyrim and downloading it now and I saw this high resolution texture pack was free. Is that a official release? Or kind of like a mod Ill have to do something with to install it?

And does it cause any problems? I know skyrim is a buggy game and looking better is cool and all but if it causes extra problems I dont want to mess with it.

I guess Im trying to figure out if it is worth downloading or not.
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The high resolution packs do not cause problems. They are safe to use. Just dont use them then more mods that change the graphics. Thats when you will start having problems. You must also have a computer with a GPU that can handle it.
Gargus 2013年4月27日 19時54分 
Ive got a geforce 670 so I should be safe.

Do I have to do anything to install it once it is downloaded? Or is it automatic?

最近の変更はGargusが行いました; 2013年4月27日 19時54分
Yes Awesome GPU that will do the trick. Once you click on it from steam then you need to click on the steam icon like your starting to play. It will show the download in progress. You will know when it is done. Just wait for it.
Gargus 2013年4月27日 20時10分 
Ok cool, thank you.

I wasnt sure if it was like a mod Id have to do console commands for or unpack something into the directory or what.
U might want to chk this out, too.
Daniel 2013年4月27日 21時52分 
i can talk only for myself, but i don't use mods and i don't find the game are buggy, they have make some patch and since already more time i have never problem, it's not the game they are buggy, it's the mods they buggy the game Ha ha ha...

but yes the hrtexture pack are beautiful
Thanks guys. Ill download it then.

I just hope steam puts dragonborn on sale soon. I really wanted to have it before I started the game but I used all of my play money on just getting skyrim. Water heater died and I wasnt expecting to have to pay for a new one so there went all of my extra cash.
Does the HR texture pack active in all texture modes or just ULTRA texture settings? I'm playing on high is the texture pack active at that setting cuz everythings seems the same to me?
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