The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Legs 2013年4月24日下午1:14
Eye of Magnus / kill Ancano
Hi all. Yes I know I need to attack the eye with the staff ;-)

Problem is, I'm not getting this scene or the talk between Tolfdir and Ancano at all.

I tried a new save where I still was in Labyrinthian, moved out and went to Winterhold. There are two Magic Anomalies. One outside of the barrier, one right before the entry to the Hall.

Anyway, I killed the first, talked to Tolfdir, used the staff to remove the barrier, killed the second and went in.

There I can open the gate, Ancano becomes red and Tolfdir runns to him and attacs. No scene and the eye is closed all the time. It looks like the talk between the two is totally skipped.

Does anybody have any idea how I can workaround this? I tried different saves now without any success :-(

Also strange, after killing the two Anomalies outside Tolfdir still seems to be in attack mode while the other mages become friendly again.

Thanks for your help!
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Rhuto 2013年4月24日下午3:07 
Hmm...maybe I remember this wrong.....but the conversation between Toldir and Ancano is after you have recovered the books....then the Talk between Ancano and the Head Master after you found out where the staff is....and when you have got the staff...then you use it on the eye as you say...when it shut down...hit Ancano with all you have.....he will open the eye again...use staff and then hit again...use your best shout too :)
★Kelvy★ 2013年4月25日上午2:58 
You may have to wait awhile Ancano must open the eye it is only then you close it and fight Ancano. He can not be killed before the eye is open. Go do other quests and check up on the situation every now and then. Do as Rhutto says while you close the eye, your companion and (the mage) Tolfdir distracts his attention. Don't worry about the wraiths that appear your main aim is to take him out then worry about the other nasties.
Legs 2013年5月11日上午9:24 
Took me a while but I finally got it. I had to dismiss my fallower and then I used a invisibility potion. After some fighting between Ancano and Tolfdir, Tolfdir was hurt so much that he did not fight anymore. At this point Ancano moved to the eye and it opened (if he didn't spot me).
marianabaldean 2013年11月27日下午1:54 
guys me i have other problem.... it's a bug... i do evrything before to defeat ancano.... i kill that anomalies in city... i talk with tolfdir.. i use magnus staff for first barier... surprise in hall of elements i have second barier (in fact is that old beforbe to start labirynt quest) i can't open the gates to go at ancano... i used console command to see what happend player.move to 0001E7D8 to move at ancano... i start to talk with him surprise.. he have old talk... and is friendly... tolfdir no atatck him.. ancano no atack me or how i can finish this quest.. start to be anoying.. i spend my money for one game wich in fact no work...
george.baez 2014年3月29日上午11:55 
did anyone answer the post above about the second barrier to get to Acano? I did all but can't get into the area with Acano and the eye. There is a second barrier and I do not get the open door
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