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meme on a dream 2013年4月22日 23時31分
what was the first crime you commited in skyrim??
my first crime was when i first got the game and i tried to kill a little girl with my greatsword in riverwood for the funnzies
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Camper Strike (禁止済) 2013年4月22日 23時32分 
Installing it
stabbykitteh 2013年4月22日 23時36分 
Pretty sure it was unintentional thievery, meaning I picked up something off Lucan's counter in the Riverwood trader by accident. Welcome to Skyrim...
The One Outside Your Window(NOR) 2013年4月22日 23時40分 
first crime...first ah yes, manslaughter of whiterun
JC 2013年4月22日 23時54分 
lockpicking in riverwood
Daniel 2013年4月23日 0時07分 
My first crime are an accident..., some second after a fight with some criminal neer a city, i have turned back to look around if all are clear but the messenger have come to talk to me in running (like usually), but they have no time to talk to me, i have swingning her my two hand hammer by the head thinking it's an other criminal again, ooopsss!, no letter today...
Master Zone 2013年4月23日 0時07分 
Killing a chicken.
theparadoxofwhy 2013年4月23日 0時12分 
The first Chicken i saw....
Siodis 2013年4月23日 0時32分 
Chickens...Revenge for Ocarina of Time.
Kitsune 2013年4月23日 0時52分 
First it was the infamous chicken... Then the town... Uh huh, last I remember, I razed that town pretty good.
jogsta 2013年4月23日 0時59分 
accidentially hitting someone who was standing in front of me while attacking some npc
markdb92 2013年4月23日 4時27分 
hit the blacksmith with a weapon in riften and then later marry him
Desi|Snake™ 2013年4月23日 4時37分 
Killing the family in Riverwood. "Take what you need, within reason". I saw some good armor. WANT. lol

Though I had to restart.
Mertaan Dinosaur 2013年4月23日 4時39分 
It's not a crime until you get caught, so i've been an upstanding citizen so far.. ;)
Desi|Snake™ 2013年4月23日 4時40分 
Mertaan Dinosaur の投稿を引用:
It's not a crime until you get caught, so i've been an upstanding citizen so far.. ;)

You may not have be seen committing the crime but your bounty steadily increases. I've accumilated 6K lol
markdb92 2013年4月23日 4時46分 
dont forget you must kill animal npcs also if they witness the crimes as they will report it
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