Gamer 2013年3月23日上午12:46
Odahviing Non Appearance
I have tried several different characters but when i use the shout to call Odahviing to DragonsReach he never shows up .I have tried with mods and without with the same non result .Has this happened to anyone else and if so how did you cure it ?
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Big Chief Devil Hawk Fireball 2013年3月23日上午12:54 
Are you doing it out on the balcony? Because the first time I tried it, I did it closer to the entrance to the room, and he didn't come when I called.
Gamer 2013年3月23日上午12:57 
I am as far out on the big balcony as you can get without falling over the edge,I tried both ends of the balcony .Did you shout straight up or just out ?
Kelvy 2013年3月23日上午4:24 
Have you completed all parts of the quest before this point you may have missed something I went to balcony and shouted when comes you then backward into hall( someone has to be ready to spring trap)
Gamer 2013年3月23日上午11:54 
The Jarl is there with his men and tells me he is ready .I shout and nothing comes .I did the peace conference
thewester77 2013年11月18日下午4:39 
I am stuck at the same issue. He's a no show. I've tried all the above. Is there a console command to get him to show up? Any help would be great.
mentalyawol 2013年11月18日下午5:09 
It took him almost an hour in game time to show for me so just sat thier shouting till he came
thewester77 2013年12月4日上午8:03 
Seriously. Nothing is happening. Need help
Trigger 2013年12月4日上午8:33 
Listen up people, use the Unoffical patchs to match your game
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