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The Fur Trader- Upcoming Mod.
Just so you know, this information is now incredibly outdated. Pretty much everything has been re-written since I started this project. That being said, I'm going to leave the post up for anyone who wants to see how this mod could have ended up. Do not expect the finished product to be anything like what you will read below.

On a side note, I'm aware I've missed my deadlines, but don't lose hope. I know I've said this before, but I will finish this mod even if it's the last thing I do. And it will be glorious.

Welcome to the official discussion for my new mod. Here you can read up on The Fur Trader, and get to know the characters a little better. The mod has a strong story, but it also has a lot of action and gold.

The mod is based on a book located in Dead Drop Falls in Fort Dawnguard. The book details a Khajiit who killed and skinned other Khajiit for gold. Early in the book it mentions The Fur Trader and his brother robbed a caravan, his brother died, and The Trader got his first pelt off of him. In the mod, the main protagonist was in the back of the caravan along with his parents. After the caravan crashed, Merek, the protagonist, saw The Fur Trader kill his wounded mother, and then his father after he fought back.

April Update.

So I've got some new updates. In case anyone was wondering, this mod is not related to any of the other mods that contain Fur Trade related things.

The main character is named Merek and he was born 178 4E. Merek (age 7 185 4E) and his family were traveling with the caravan on it's way to Cyrodiil when the attack took place. After the attack, one of the caravan guards took Merek to a orphanage in Cyrodiil and would periodically visit him. In 192 4E (Mereks age = 14), the Thalmor burned the orphange to the ground for suspected Talos worship, leaving only Merek and his friend Morris alive. Once they were on their own, Morris and Merek looked out for each other. They would do petty thief work and rob inns for gold.

Merek didn't remember much of his childhood, but one image was burned into his memory. It was when he saw the one-eared Khajiit kill his parents. He knew one day they would meet, and only one would walk away alive.

There was a rumor going around the Imperial City that there was a new group of bandits in the area that just snuck into Cyrodiil from Elsweyr. The Imperials were hiring Mercs to go investigate, and Merek volunteered to go and scout their camp . After watching the camp a while, Merek saw the Leader exit a cave. He recognized him almost immediatly as the man who killed his parents.

After leaving the camp, Merek (193 4E age 15) started his work on revenge, but drove a wedge between he and Morris, who were like brothers.

May Update

Hey everybody! Time for another update! This time we're gonna talk about The Fur Trader- the main antagonist of the mod.

In 194 4E, The Fur Trade started being terrorized by someone. Someone would break into one of their bases, sneak through, and burn the merchendice. This also usually resulted in the death of the Consultants.The Trader posted more of his private military around the affected areas, but that simply made the attacks shift to other bases.

After a year of this and being hunted byu the Imperials, The Trader decided it would be best to move to Hammerfell . He hoped the attacks would stop, but they only got worse. Now on top of burning down buildings, the attacker would find Skinners in the middle of a job, beat them up, and give them to the guard.

The Trader knew he had to tighten security. He nearly doubled the size of his military overnight and stationed more men at bases. He even found a new, more defendable base. But once again, the attacks only got more creative.

Again being hunted by the military, The Fur Trader moved to Skyrim where he thought the Imperials would be to busy with the Nords to bother him.He left his compound early in the morning along with four of his best Skinners. He put a new patrol around the compound the night before, in case the attacker tried to assassinate him. Just as he was about to get into a carage, a arrow landed right at his feet. The Trader looked up to see his guard removing a greatsword from the attacker's chest. The Trader ordred the guard to leave him to the vultures.

It wasn't long before the new compound was atacked by the Imperials.

The Trader was imprisoned after the Fur Trade was destroyed in 198 4E. It follows that the northern wall of his prison was in disrepair, and he escaped. After his escape, The Fur Trader went all over Skyrim, raiding the gold caches he had scattered over the province. It wasn't hard to convince his old employees to rejoin him, seeing as how he offered them twice the gold the already had. In a few months, the fur trade was back to full strength, and the trader was making more then ever.

June update

Let me start off by saying I'm sorry for the late post. The last couple of days have been kinda crazy for me.

So I've got some bad news for you. This is going to be the last post until I release the mod. There are a few reasons but the main on is that I don't want to spoil the story. That and I don't think anyone knows this exists.

Before I go, I'll tell you what I can. I said before there was going to be a lot of gold. What I meant by this was your not going to come out of this mod a poor man. This does not mean that your going to get a billion gold. The mod I very very story based. I'm new to cluttering and level design, so the first few levels might be a little weird. There's going to be several new items including new armor, and maybe even weapons. Merek is a follower who you can marry and is fully voiced. I aim to make his character the best is skyrim, and I hope to make that a reality.

I'm still working on the mod and I won't stop until it is done. I promise. Next time I post here it will be to announce that The Fur Trader is done and will be realesed soon.

Also, if you're a voice actor and yo have a good mic. I still need a Khajiit and two imperial accents (american or english)

If you're looking forward to the mod give a comment!
Your's truly, TheLoneFerret287
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stabbykitteh Mar 15, 2013 @ 11:13am 
One of my favorite books. Sounds interesting.
k9mouse Mar 15, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
Sounds very cool and we are always interested in Khajiit mods =) By chance, you are working on this mod as well or is this going in a different way than this author is doing?
k9mouse Mar 15, 2013 @ 4:23pm 
Also for voice acting, have any luck with lip sync?
TheLoneFerret287 Mar 15, 2013 @ 4:45pm 
Crap. I did'nt think anyone else had touched The Fur Trader yet. No, this mod is going in a completely different direction. I have not really looked into dialogue yet (written it all out, just need to figure the creation kit out a little bit more).

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