Iron Phoenix - Victim 14. bře. 2013 v 5.11 odp.
Keyboard locked after fast travel
Anyone else encountered this?
After a fast travel, NONE of the keyboard keys work. Cannot move, open console, escape, etc. Only the mouse can make things happen, such as attacking and zooming in/out.
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CERBERUS 14. bře. 2013 v 5.13 odp. 
Did you somehow turn on the xbox controller feture in settings?
ItsTrev0r 14. bře. 2013 v 5.20 odp. 
What does that mean? It should be in settings and just turn it on.
CERBERUS 14. bře. 2013 v 5.38 odp. 
Cuz if you use an xbox controller there is a button that has to be checked. Doing this disables the use of about 99 percent of the kepboard.
Iron Phoenix - Victim 14. bře. 2013 v 9.03 odp. 
Everything works as expected... until I fast travel. Then BAM... no KB in game (though I can still CTRL+ALT+DEL to force quit). I do have an XBox controller connected, but it has been connected for months and I do not have it enabled, or the KB and mouse wouldn't work at all (at least, that was what I recall happeneing... it was either or instead of both control options at the same time). This issue is recent and has happened with two different new characters.
Could be a mod added. Could be a patch (was there one recently?) Could be I've spent too much time in Skyrim (... Naaaahhh).
Maksymuss 15. bře. 2013 v 2.31 dop. 
Had the same issue since updating SkyUI. So i deactivate SkyUI and no more Keyboard locking now !
AENIMA 15. bře. 2013 v 2.39 dop. 
happened to me but this was a fast travel to a mod house only +warzones was activated and had a large war in the area.
Iron Phoenix - Victim 15. bře. 2013 v 3.21 odp. 
Hmm. I did update SkyUI, too. So that may be the issue. Hopefully, there will be an update soon. I have come to prefer the SkyUI vs. vanilla Skyrim UI.
Thanks for the tip, Maksymuss.
Iron Phoenix - Victim 17. bře. 2013 v 7.23 odp. 
Well, Disabling Sky UI resulted in CTD, likely due to mod dependancies elsewhere. I tried an alternate lauch method, Steam synced some files and I lost a few saves, but Fast Travel works again without locking the KB... at least for now. Hope this doesn't reappear.
Frisqy 30. dub. 2013 v 6.33 odp. 
I have this same issue. For me the problem seems to be Midas Magic, when i have one of the custom spells equipped when i fast travel, i can't move afterwards. All i have to do is have vanilla spells equipped and it works fine so far.
Shonuff! 14. kvě. 2013 v 9.59 dop. 
For me everything was working great but when I went to Windhelm and started the quest where you have to catch the Windhelm butcher my controls lock up when I enter Hijerim to confront the murderer. The strange thing is that the NPCs seem to stand there also and don't attack.... Such an annoying bug... I can't seem to get it to stop and since it's just now happening for the first time I have no idea if it's a mod causing this or not. It's so random.
HappyerbS 14. kvě. 2013 v 10.51 dop. 
Happens to me when i fast travel to whiterun 50% of the time but it has never happened if i fast travel to dragonsreach, it's very annoying
jonaS 22. kvě. 2013 v 8.15 odp. 
Just happened to me, no xbox controller connected, but I do have SkyUI.
JohnJohns 13. čvn. 2013 v 1.16 dop. 
This happened to me but I opened up the console and did a "showracemenu". I didn't change anything and saved my character and the keyboard started working again. I assume something got reset??
Iron Phoenix - Victim 13. čvn. 2013 v 3.31 odp. 
Sounds like you were better off than me. I couldn't access console in order to attempt something like this. Nothing short of CTRL+ALT+DEL worked.
Careteaker 10. srp. 2013 v 9.08 dop. 
I have the issue as well... only mod ive seen that I have any connection to is SkyUI so I would guess it is at fault.
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