Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 11時27分
Skyrim crashing, please help!!!
I bought Skyrim for PC the other day. And when i played, starting a new game. The game crashed to a grey screen. I had to restart the entire computer.
I know very little about computers and am unsure of how to solve the problem or why it is occuring. It has happened on a few games (My game crashing i mean). Namely, Total War Rome II, Sims 3 + Sims 3 Ambitions, and Total War Shogun 2.

I really want to play Skyrim please help.

Just in case my system specs are as follows:

Graphics Processing User (GPU) = GeForce GTX 660
Central Processing Unit (CPU) = Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz
Memory = 8.00GB RAM (7.88 Usable)
Resolution = 1440 x 900, 60Hz
Driver Version = 331.65
Operatin System (OS) = Microsoft Windows 8

I ran it through CanYouRunIt and it said i could.

And the speakers make an awful beepy noise constantly.
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El Presidente Miku 2013年10月29日 11時41分 
install vcredist/dotnetfx/directx from skyrims install folder the reboot your pc
Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 11時58分 
No, now my screen just turns black, thanks for trying though.
Sorry i forgot to reboot will do so now. Sorry.
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Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 12時15分 
Yeah i rebooted and it just crashes to black and then turns gray.
El Presidente Miku 2013年10月29日 12時27分 
check if win7 compatibiliy mode helps
Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 12時48分 
Nope it just crashed to a black screen.
El Presidente Miku 2013年10月29日 12時52分 
any mods installed?
Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 13時04分 
Nope, just trying to get it to work first lol. But it is the Legendary Edition, and so it has all of the Add ons (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn).
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El Presidente Miku 2013年10月29日 13時07分 
check if your loadorder is like:
all other .esm
all .esp
Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 13時12分 
No Hearthfire was last, should i try moving it to the middle?
Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 13時13分 
By the way i really appreciate you taking the time to help, thanks alot.
El Presidente Miku 2013年10月29日 13時13分 
it was released before DB i would give it a try
Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 13時19分 
Nope, it just crashed grey again.
El Presidente Miku 2013年10月29日 13時34分 
have you checked your files via steam?
right click skyrim->properties->local files->validate local files/game cache
Lemonizerchimp 2013年10月29日 13時46分 
It said one file failed to validate but nothing happened, so i dont know how to find it or deal with it.
El Presidente Miku 2013年10月29日 13時53分 
i am running out of ideas
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