s-e-e-k 2013年10月27日上午11:50
What DLC should I start with?
Dragonborn or Dawnguard?
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Margonian 2013年10月27日上午11:51 
Dawnguard got quests in Skyrim, Dragonborn outside. So if you want to stay in Skyrim its Dawnguard, If you want some climate change, go Dragonborn.
🍞 Miku Wonderbread 🍞 2013年10月27日上午11:55 
just start whatever you find more interesting
最后由 🍞 Miku Wonderbread 🍞 编辑于; 2013年10月27日下午12:12
DerAlleinTiger 2013年10月27日下午12:04 
In general, Dawnguard's requirements, in terms of level and skills, are lower than Dragonborn's. I'd say that level 20 is good for Dawnguard while level 30 is good for Dragonborn. Actually, you can probably get away with 15 for Dawnguard and 25 for Dragonborn, depending on how you've built your character.

So if you're not quite there for Dragonborn yet, go for Dawnguard and level up through the DLC. Then go off and do Dragonborn.
最后由 DerAlleinTiger 编辑于; 2013年10月27日下午12:05
Sith Olus 2013年10月27日下午12:08 
if you want to make the most of it do dragonborn at level 10, that way you get all the good stuff for the entire game
s-e-e-k 2013年10月27日下午12:11 
Are you guys talking about the level that I'm at in the mine game or what?
🍞 Miku Wonderbread 🍞 2013年10月27日下午12:12 
引用自 s-e-e-k
Are you guys talking about the level that I'm at in the mine game or what?
yep, they do
DerAlleinTiger 2013年10月27日下午12:12 
Your level in-game, yes.
hold your colour 2013年10月27日下午1:01 
I would say Dawnguard because you stay in Skyrim.
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