Gothic_mando 2013年10月27日上午8:34
Does this mod exist? #2 ^^
hey guys just wondering if anyone could recommend a decent / not too glitchy dragon follower mod thats preferably resized to be smaller than the original dragon models, AND travels faster ^^ thanks!
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Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月27日上午9:14 
Yes, ther is one, but it make take me a bit to look it up.
Gothic_mando 2013年10月27日下午12:24 
'no comment'
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月27日下午1:02
here's one, for more type in dragon follower in seach on the skyrim workshop, click revelance and there are more
Gothic_mando 2013年10月27日下午2:00 
oh CRAP my apologies! i misread your previous comment as 'yes there is, but it might take you a bit of time to look it up'. Sorry i thought it said that and you'd offerred a sarcastic comment >_<' my bad. Thankyou very much for your help man! i have been searching on and off for a decent dragon follower mod for a while but ive only come across ones that either dont work properly or have all the issues that comes with having a dragon as a follower, so i reckoned id see if anyone else has come across decent ones : ) im not asking people to waste their time looking for me, just wondering if anyone had already found one. Thanks so much!
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月27日下午2:04 
It's ok, I wasn't put off. I was busy housecleaning and only stopping by occassionally to view post. I knew there were some, but that i would have to look them up. Sorry it took some time to finish cleaning.
Gothic_mando 2013年10月27日下午2:06 
no no not at all! dont feel you have to prioritise this, its just a silly game : ) you've done more than enough dude.
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月27日下午2:07 
Gothic_mando 2013年10月27日下午2:16 
oh. my apologies ma'am ^^
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