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Trotaconventos 2013年10月24日 10時26分
BUG Controller disconnects after shooting an arrow
I was playing Skyrim and some days ago i started to get this annoying bug, when i have a bow equipped, no matter what bow/arrow, when i press the trigger, it tenses to the max and when i release it, shoots the arrow but the controller suddenly disconnects after doing so, I dont know whats the cause of this because i played until level 40 and the bug appeared just now (i used bows before but the bug its only happening now)
Any ideas to fix this?

Playing on windows 7 premium 64 bits with everything on max
Its an xbox 360 not wired controller

Oh it always seems to happen only if i tense the bow to the max, if i only press it so shoot to my feets it doesnt disconnect
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Trigger 2013年10月24日 11時39分 
4026 hours with a Logitec F310 and never a problem, mine is wired and i believe the game recommends a wired controller
Bread Miku 2013年10月24日 11時44分 
aye, maybe:
go to and check for controller support mods/tools
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