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Sighya 2013年10月24日 10時06分
Can I use Elder Scrolls background music in youtube videos?
I just started uploading a Skyrim playthrough series and I was wondering whether anyone knows how the game developers stand on music copyright. I've lowered the music down a bit just to be safe but I'd rather not have to deal with copyright issues.

Here's my latest video if you want to check it out:
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zIRaX ~愛 2013年10月24日 10時12分 
I think that the music is a part of the product.
So if their music is playing in the background as you play, then it does not matter.
However you need SFX also to be playing, so it's not only their music you can hear. But also effects like voices and general combat sounds.
You should be good.
Sighya 2013年10月24日 10時15分 
Skyrim has one of the best soundtracks. I'd be a shame to have to censor it. It really adds to the game.
zIRaX ~愛 2013年10月24日 10時24分 
Worst case scenario.
Your Youtube account gets shut down.
That's why you should use a "Game Channel" about you playing games, so it don't affect your main account. That's what I have done.
But I don't think they will take you down, you only play. And tons of people do that who aint taken down.. So I'd say just go for it, but you have been warned about worst case.
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