The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

ntm2003 2013年10月24日上午9:24
skyrim on a tablet?
can skyrim work on a tablet i like to play my game mobile so just seeing if there was a tablet that will run skyrim on low settings. i hate to pay 1200 bucks for a gaming laptop when i already have a gaming pc.
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Mr. マリック 2013年10月24日上午9:25 
Skyrim is not expected now or in the future to run on tablets. It will run on some laptops but on very very low settings and at best, 15-20 fps.
Kabacus 2013年10月24日上午9:29 
If you have a decent Nvidia card you could look at shield[] (currently in beta).
ntm2003 2013年10月24日上午9:29 
even on razr and alienware laptops they run on low settings , thats the only thing i dont like about laptobs the cpu is low 3.0ghz is the best iive seen
ntm2003 2013年10月24日上午9:30 
i got a 3.8 ghz on my pc now
ntm2003 2013年10月24日上午9:33
any of theses will run shyrim with havey modded?
GAMING laptops have no problem playing Skyrim.

I have a 3 year old gaming laptop with a i7-quad and a GTX 460m [same as a desktop GTS 450]; it can play Skyrim on high and 900p resolution [my native] without problems [50-60 fps].
This 18" laptop cost me $1200 back in the days.

And just because it says "Alienware" does not mean it can play all games [especially the 14" versions]. The smaller the laptop, the worst off the hardware [to prevent overheating].

Lastly, "Google" or "Bing" is your friend. All this is easily verified using the "internetz".
Now adays most gaming laptops offer desktop hardware as the smaller die on the new tech requires less energy and thus outputs less heat.

Check out this site:
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starlightsonata 2013年10月24日上午9:55 
Skyrim runs perfectly on a Lenovo z400 laptop. With high definitions.
nolroll 2013年10月24日上午10:06 
Ive got a dell laptop (cant remember what its called in specific) and it runs skyrim, or any other games with no lag what-so-ever! Get this, its was a little over 450, and it was from Walmart! You dont need a 3000 dollar laptop when you can this this little sh*t.
Ceejay 2013年10月24日上午10:36 
Whether your gaming on a laptop or a dekstop is irrevlevant, you can get gaming laptops that will run every single game at the maximum frame rate at full detail level, you can get desktops that cannot play anything. It just depends on what spec you buy.

PC tablets are a totally different issue thouugh, they are generally not designed for use as gaming pc's, at the moment the only one I know of comes with a dedicated gpu which is the razer edge pro, even then is not going to be anywhere near a laptop or a desktop that you can get for the same price, The screen res is also not that good, only 1366x768. It comes with an nvidia gt640, and a 1.9ghz i7. It is by far the fastest tablet, but far short of a gaming laptop, by a long way, You can get a similar spec laptop for around £500. Where as the tablet is $1300.

Here is a review

However all is not lost.

You can get apps that let you stream your games from your pc onto your tablets and smartphones however your pc needs to be powerful enough to play it, and from what I have read the games needs to be able to run in window mode, not full screen. (most do) One such app :-

I have not tried it myself, but since finding it while replying to this I am going to try it.....Skyrim on my 10" tablet...class.....

Well it kind of works, but skyrim is not really designed for touchscreen, but it runs.....however as the tablet has no keyboard so cannot run anywhere. but can look about okay at the moment, will have a play, possibley need to plug a controller/keyboard into tablet.
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引用自 nathanmills
even on razr and alienware laptops they run on low settings , thats the only thing i dont like about laptobs the cpu is low 3.0ghz is the best iive seen
my phone is 3.2, 4 core. hd video. wish it would play on it.
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Sibyl 2013年10月28日上午11:02 
funny, you made me giggle, it is impossible, porting games takes alot of work, even making games for pc is hard, they need to format for NVIDIA and Radeon graphics, making it for another limited platform with a small audience that would play it. mabye oblivion or morrowind could be ported, i would like to see it
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