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Storm Cloak Build
A Nord returns to his homeland and gets captured, how is that fair? You sit, bound and helpless in a cart while faithless Imperials guard you with judgmental eyes. The rebel across from you tells you everything you need to know about the Civil War now raging. He tells you how the Thalmor are ripping Talos worshippers from their homes and torturing them and how the Imperial is executing the Jarl of Windhelm, Ulfric Stormcloak, for treason.

But then as your head is about to come off, a dragon attacks and frees you from the nightmare! You run, head to Riverwood and find out more about the Stormcloak cause. You know what you must do now… Protect your homeland!


Race: Nord for roleplay purposes

Stone: Warrior, then Lord

Stats: 0 / 3 / 2

Divine: Talos. Wear the amulet and get the blessing whenever possible.

Perks: Level 20 Level 50

Shouts: You are the Dovahkiin, use the ones you like best! However, the best ones I feel for him would be Disarm, Call Dragon, Call of Valor, Unrelenting Force, Dragon Aspect (DB only)

The Build

The Stormcloak is a Nord who feels betrayed by the Empire for outlawing Talos and almost executing him for no reason. He (or she if you prefer to play as a female, I played as a male for this) is very angry at the Empire for all of this and joins the Stormcloaks the first chance he gets. He believes that with Skyrim deserves to be free and Ulfric should be High King (even if he is a little racist).

The Stormcloak may be a little simple, but effective. He is heavy armoured warrior who uses his armour and shield to soak up hits from enemies and plow through like a tank, before cutting them down with his axe. He will also pick them off at a distance before leaping in to join the fray. Battles are won by using sheer brute force to drive your foes to the ground.

Spell casting is a huge no-no (typical Nord, huh?) but the Stormcloak will dabble in small doses of alchemy with healing potions and poisons to heal himself and harm his enemies. And he will use enchanting to give him an extra edge in the fight and future his weapon use. He will also send the biggest of foes running with his racial Battle Cry ability.

Smithing is also an essential skill, as soldiers are expected to maintain and repair their own gear. Whether you make your armour or buy it is up to you.

Companion-wise, feel free to take a dog along with you. Vigilance would be a good choice here, or either of the huskies at Fort Dawnguard. Unfortunately, you can’t have any soldiers as followers so you can’t have a brother back you up. However, I recommend a light-armoured archer to back you up and simple give them some nice Stormcloak armour to wear. Faendel or Aela are both good choices for this role. Or alternately, you can go at it alone.

Major Skills

One-Handed: Many of the Stormcloak soldiers use the war-axe as their primary offense and this Nord is no different. Though slightly slower than the mighty sword, the extra stagger chance should favour this character. Poisons of magicka and health will also be handy when dealing with bosses. Power attacks can break or bend a fight too, use them only when the timing is right to prevent extensive stamina loss.

Block: A strong shield arm can make the difference between life and death. When going into battle, bash to stun your foe and then lay into them with your war axe. When they go to strike, block and bash. If stamina is low, just hack away until you can smash them down with a power attack.

Heavy Armour: Despite the fact there is no heavy armour for the Stormcloak side, this Nord wears his armour proudly. Might be a bit heavy to wear but the protection it provides is worth is.

Archery: Crossbows and bows are useful to distance enemies. Send them fleeing with your Battle Cry and then take them down with a bolt or arrow to the back!

Minor Skills

Smithing: Don’t focus too much on this one (but that I mean, don’t level excessively by smithing a thousand leather bracers) but use it to upgrade your armour as you level and for enchanting later on.

Alchemy: Focus on healing and stamina potions. Make poisons minimally and use only for stronger enemies, such as dragons. Don’t bother with any perks.

Enchanting: Only use to enchant your armour. Don't waste too many perks here, just head up the middle branch to Extra Effect.


This build is not only based around Stormcloak tactics and actions, but also their uniform. Unfortunately, there is so Stormcloak heavy armour so it’s up to us to improvise and find an alternative. The goal with this armour set was to have a complete enchanted set with no artifacts or unique items.

By the end of the Civil War, not only will you be a respected commander of the Stormcloaks, but a powerful warrior. And no warrior is complete without his supreme ‘unique’ armour. To keep your inventory neat and easy to change into your armour, try putting you character’s name in the enchantment name. For example, my character is named Boto so his helmet’s name will be “Boto’s Helm of Precision.”

As for weapons, use what you can find until you can get your hands on Skyforge War Axe or a Nord Hero War Axe. Why you ask? Just to keep with the Nord weapons theme. There are also no shields that I felt fitted the ‘Nord Hero’ theme so simply use a Windhelm guard one.

Head: Helm of Precision – Ancient Nord Helmet enchanted with Fortify Archery and/or Waterbreathing.

Amulet: Amulet of Talos for roleplay reasons.

Body: Armour of Champions – Ancient Nord Armour enchanted with Fortify Heavy Armour and/or Fortify Health Regeneration.

Hands: Gauntlets of Wielding-- Ancient Nord Gauntlets enchanted with Fortify One Hand and/or Fortify Block.

Finger: Ring of Vigour – Any ring enchanted with Fortify Stamina and/or Stamina Regeneration.

Feet: Boots of Strength – Ancient Nord Boots enchanted with Muffle and/or Carry Weight.

Primary Weapon: Axe of Draining -- Skyforge Steel War Axe or Nord Hero War Axe enchanted with Absorb Health and/or Absorb Stamina

Secondary Weapon: Bow of Trapping – Nord Hero bow enchanted with Soul Trap and/or Frost Damage

Shield: Shield of Resistance -- Windhelm Shield enchanted with Resist Magic and/or Fortify Block.


Civil War – Stormcloaks: Need I explain this one? This is the one the build is based around!

Main Quest: Alduin is threatening your homeland. Destroy the world-eater!

Companions: Join your Shield-Sisters and Shield-Brothers in the fight for honour. Cure yourself of your furry disease the first chance you can get.

Daedric: Only for the Daedric Princes which seem ‘good’ such as Azura or Merida, or the ones that give you a choice between good and evil. Or… You can become corrupted and do them all! Your choice.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: Assassins kill without honour and there are already enough victims in this war.

And any others you feel are fitting.


Play this character as you see fit. I see this character being an honourable warrior who does not tolerate racism. Create a back story and play with it. Mine is that my warrior is a helpful former-farm boy that travelled to Morrowind and back.

Never steal or kill without reason. You are neither a murderer nor a thief. Destroy the Brotherhood and don’t even go near the lowlifes in Riften.

Help out the common man whenever you can. Not only will it help fund your way in Skyrim, it’ll give you some friends. You’ll be short on coin for a while, but don’t worry, it’ll pile up soon.

If you’re into playing realistically, stay with your friends or factions for a while and sleep there during the night. Eat twice a day and work at mills and mines to earn your keep. Buy a house to earn the right to become a thane but don’t bother upgrading it.

Open joining the Stormcloaks, stay with the camps throughout Skyrim. Sleep, patrol and eat all with them. Treat the Stormcloak quest line as another ‘Main Quest’, draw it out as long as possible.

Kill any Imperials and Thalmor agents you see wandering the roads when you become a Stormcloak. Free your brothers and sisters from their clutches!

Never use magic. Magic is for elves, not Nords! Enchanting and alchemy does not count. But perform it in secret, to hide your secret talent.

Special Moves

Back n’ Forth: When engaging in a tough fight, use Battle Cry to send them fleeing and use the time to either heal or pelt arrows at their back. When they return, use Fus Roh Dah to send them flying!

Battle Cry + Fus Ro Dah

Smashie Smashie!: Bash, and then sidestep to avoid your enemy’s attack before unleashing a disarm shout. Repeat the bashing technique and stagger them before they can grab their weapon and take them down!

Shield Bash + Disarm + Attack

My Dragon Best Friend: Call in Odahaviing to send your foes diving and turn the attention away from you and by using Battle Cry will also send them fleeing to be chased by your lovable fire-breathing pet. Either heal yourself or use your arrows to take down the stragglers.

Call Dragon + Battle Cry + Healing Potion/ Bow and arrow
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TheLittleDeadGuy 24/out/2013 às 4:18 
You where ether borded half way to death when you made this. Or your realy lonly
Praseodymium 24/out/2013 às 4:26 
I'm lonely so Bump!
Praseodymium 24/out/2013 às 4:26 
Bump Again
Praseodymium 24/out/2013 às 4:26 
Bump Once More
Margonian 24/out/2013 às 4:29 
What kinda responce do you want?
Praseodymium 24/out/2013 às 4:34 
Does anyone watch Arrow?
shiva7663 24/out/2013 às 9:49 
What did you mean by "Perks: Level 20 Level 50"?
zIRaX ~愛 ✓ 24/out/2013 às 10:04 
Barney... Let me tell you something..
First I looked at this post.. then TLDR.. went back to discussion forum..
Then I went back here, thinking what does people reply?
I think their reply only backs up what I'm about to say...
This is a build yes, but why would they use it?
Truth be told... no one cares about your build... If people are going to Roleplay Stormcloak they will make their version and vision of what a Stormcloak is or should be in their own opinion..
You dictate so much where as instead you should have dictated so much less, where as it ends up as you can only say they need to use "Stormcloak" looking armor, and that's so little that it's practically pointless.
Which makes this build even more pointless..
People want to play their own builds, their own character. Not your character or your vision of a character.
This game is just about making your own character, and make their own stories as they play.
I don't really know what sort of response you was looking for, but what I am trying to say.. if it's not clear yet.. that although you have done a lot of work, all that work is rather pointless and wasted.
Which is sad of course, I can see that you poured a lot of time into this.
But Skyrim is not a game where you can do threads like this. Not saying no one ever wants to play this, just saying this is not really the game for this kind of threads.

However games like Dark Souls is just the game for that, there are so many people in that game who Cosplay/Roleplay varies characters from almost everything.

I'm sorry if I was too harsh on you, but I tried to tell it in a nice and somewhat constructive way.
Before someone said "dude stfu about this thread", because you bumped it a lot. People might only get more angry.
JusAssassin 24/out/2013 às 10:48 
- one thing bothers me though, if the character cant tolerate racism, why is he a stormcloak...?
kinda seems weird if the idea behind stormcloaks is "skyrim for nords" (or something along those lines)
Trigger 24/out/2013 às 12:05 
OP thanks for sharing your story about how you play your way, and ignore the internet trash you hear in the background
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 24/out/2013 às 13:58 
I read the whole thing and found your attention to detail quite interesting. Thanks for sharing your build.
I hope you have enjoyed your roleplaying as much as you seemed to enjoy telling us about it.
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