Malaficus Shaikan 2013. okt. 23. @ de. 12:16
favorite kill moves?
One of the things i love about skyrim are the kill moves.
I am sure we all have our favorite's so tell me yours.
Mine: Firebol to the chest causes enemy to fly backwards.
Sticking swords into people is fun but often glitchy.
And i dont care for any weapon that isnt a sword of spell.

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ARmodder 2013. okt. 23. @ de. 12:19 
I love arrow kills but there are virtually no animations for them but it is fun to shoot someone off of a castle wall and watch them fall to the ground or in a river and then watch them get swept downstream
Vahlok Ro Tiid 2013. okt. 23. @ de. 6:03 
Watching my Khajiit doing various unarmed kills.
1. Airplane Spin with body slam leaving the corpse's head stuck in the gound.
2. Sneak from behind, grabbing the victim and doing a reverse suplex slam.
3. Doing a slam dunk leaving the corpse twisted and bent over backwards.
Sith Olus 2013. okt. 23. @ de. 6:23 
no matter if i play stealth/warrior/mage i always use a bow, i would have to say i prefer it when you get a kill animation with an arrow but you miss
Jo 2013. okt. 23. @ de. 7:07 
Chopping their heads off with my Ebony warhammer. :) The other thing I try to do is to back away from 2 or 3 enemies as they head towards me so they are facing me in a line and then doing my Relentless Force shout which usually blows them all away. That seems to impress the troops. lol
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Stania 2013. okt. 23. @ de. 10:52 
I love unarmed kill moves, some of them look so... wrestlemanía.
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