Malaficus Shaikan 23 okt 2013 om 12:16vm
favorite kill moves?
One of the things i love about skyrim are the kill moves.
I am sure we all have our favorite's so tell me yours.
Mine: Firebol to the chest causes enemy to fly backwards.
Sticking swords into people is fun but often glitchy.
And i dont care for any weapon that isnt a sword of spell.

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ARmodder 23 okt 2013 om 12:19vm 
I love arrow kills but there are virtually no animations for them but it is fun to shoot someone off of a castle wall and watch them fall to the ground or in a river and then watch them get swept downstream
Vahlok Ro Tiid 23 okt 2013 om 6:03vm 
Watching my Khajiit doing various unarmed kills.
1. Airplane Spin with body slam leaving the corpse's head stuck in the gound.
2. Sneak from behind, grabbing the victim and doing a reverse suplex slam.
3. Doing a slam dunk leaving the corpse twisted and bent over backwards.
Sith Olus 23 okt 2013 om 6:23vm 
no matter if i play stealth/warrior/mage i always use a bow, i would have to say i prefer it when you get a kill animation with an arrow but you miss
Jo 23 okt 2013 om 7:07vm 
Chopping their heads off with my Ebony warhammer. :) The other thing I try to do is to back away from 2 or 3 enemies as they head towards me so they are facing me in a line and then doing my Relentless Force shout which usually blows them all away. That seems to impress the troops. lol
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Stania 23 okt 2013 om 10:52vm 
I love unarmed kill moves, some of them look so... wrestlemanía.
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