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keilaash 2013年10月22日 21時33分
How to stop fikering in skyrim for windows 8.1?
i need help . my monitor starts to fliker when I play skyrim on windows 8.1
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PotatoTomato 2013年10月23日 7時13分 
The problem is your operative system.
keilaash 2013年10月23日 8時22分 
i know but how do i fix it. Do i switch back to windows 8
Evil Himself 2013年10月23日 9時15分 
better idea, go back to Win 7.
Alembrik 2013年10月23日 10時06分 
Evil Himself の投稿を引用:
better idea, go back to Win 7.

How I wish!
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Nuk Soo Kow 2013年10月23日 12時31分 
Just turn the monitor off ;p
keilaash 2013年10月23日 16時07分 
i just needed to download the latest amd driver
keilaash 2013年10月24日 6時21分 
i have more problems in skyrim. Now it would crash after around a minute.
riffahlc175 2013年10月24日 8時39分 
keilaash の投稿を引用:
i know but how do i fix it. Do i switch back to windows 8

No! Stay with 8.1. Did you try any of the unofficial skyrim mods? They might help. Not sure which one, so read through them first before deciding. I haven't had any issues with the game, so I haven't used them.
Juzifer 2013年10月24日 10時42分 
i heard 8.1 is having huge issues with most titles and it's recommended to roll back before the hotfix that is supposedly on its way - up to you though if you like the new 8.1 - aint completely sure about all this though because i got win7 myself ~
hyde_soh 2014年6月17日 6時08分 
did anyone got this fixed yet?
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