Charlemagne 2013年10月21日上午7:49
I just reinstalled the game and no longer have subtitles. How do I reactivate them? Can't find the option.
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InsertNameHere 2013年10月21日上午7:57 
In game - esc - system - settings - display - scroll a little lower - you will see an option.
Charlemagne 2013年10月21日上午8:49 
Thanks, for some reason the menu wouldn't let me scroll down the first time I tried and that's why I couldn't see it.
InsertNameHere 2013年10月21日上午9:01 
No problem :)
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2013年10月21日下午2:28 
I turn it on, but never has work. Over 700 hours played, several charcaters started. It shows it is checked, but no subs.
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