BLM10 2013年10月15日上午10:59
Jiub's Opus
In Soul Cairn, does any on know if the 9th page of Jiub's Opus is located on the top of Reaper's Lair? If so how do you remove the grate over the transporter?
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[XlolwX] - TheM3G4 2013年10月15日上午11:00 
TangleFoot 2013年10月15日上午11:02 
Does this[] answer your question?
BLM10 2013年10月15日上午11:16 
Not that I understand. I entered Reaper;s Lair, put the reaper's gem stone i the container and all hell broke loose. I killed all attackers however I could not search any of the dead. I left for a day and when I came back I could not find the remains nor can I activate the gem stone device.
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Draaf fah Hahlor 2013年10月15日下午2:05 
It is not on top of the reapers lair,
BLM10 2013年10月16日上午8:08 
Thank you so much.
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