Lunar_mando 2013年10月15日上午6:15
how do i post screenshots? ^^
hey guys just wondering how to do this without simply pasting a page url on a comment. how do i actually post screenshot itself thats already in my library onto the public 'screenshots' tab in steam? ^^ thanks!
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Margonian 2013年10月15日上午7:52 
I has been wondering that to, have no idea how to do it.
Curundir 2013年10月15日上午7:56 
I believe that community page only shows the most popular (thumbed up) screenshots. I know of no way to force your screenshots there.
Lunar_mando 2013年10月15日上午9:22 
ohh i see... shame because in that method i doubt most screenshots would ever be viewed by anyone. thanks for the help guys : )
El Presidente Miku 2013年10月15日上午9:29 
post a screenshot:
go to your profile->screenshots->select the 1 you want, click on it->a window in steams window will open->click on it again->a seperate window will appear->there is a line like: http:/steam... copy and paste that line here
Lunar_mando 2013年10月15日上午9:30 
you mean copy the url? yeah thanks man but i was looking for an alternative method ^^
El Presidente Miku 2013年10月15日上午10:29 
there is no other way :P
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年10月15日上午10:31 
As long as it is a steam url, it will show the picture.
Same goes for youtube links
Lunar_mando 2013年10月15日下午1:11 
ok thanks guys ^^
Kai 2013年10月16日下午7:16 
Curundir 2013年10月16日下午7:25 
引用自 Miss Sanae
The question was NOT how to make a screenshot. The question was how to put a screenshot on the community wall, and the answers were already provided. READ THE QUESTION MISS SANAE, READ

Lunar_mando 2013年10月17日上午4:49 
^Here here : )
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