true_blaze 13 okt 2013 om 3:43nm
a mod to make things more expensive
As the title says I'm looking for a mod that makes buying things more expensive and selling things give less gold. I actully found one that did this a short while back, it used the sky UI to adjust prices by whatever percentage you wanted, but didn't get it thinking I'd come back for it later but now I can't seem to find it. So does anyone know where I can find one or what it is called?
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Margonian 13 okt 2013 om 3:57nm 
Why are you interested in doing that?
true_blaze 13 okt 2013 om 4:00nm 
Cause I've just started act 2 and i currently have almost half a million gold and I actully want something to use it on.
Margonian 13 okt 2013 om 4:01nm 
Yea I almost got that mutch gold to.
riffahlc175 13 okt 2013 om 4:30nm 
There isn't any one item in the game for that. Buy all the houses you can, buy land and build. I don't have Hearthfire so I'm not sure if you can build a house then sell it. Other than that, I don't understand why you'd want to do that even with your explanation. Haven't seen a mod that does it, but hey! Go for it!
Lazuli 13 okt 2013 om 4:31nm 
I think SkyTweak might have something that can help. You can mod in game all sorts of things with SkyTweak
Margonian 13 okt 2013 om 4:39nm 
Meaby start collecting gems? buy all the gems you can find and store them in a chest,
Jogon 13 okt 2013 om 7:31nm 
Give it away to the drunks, orphan kids and beggers. I am Thane and own houses in all the major cities, have completed Hearthfire and have over 800,000 gold accumulated. I do not even bother collecting saleable items any more, even gems, as I can't ger rid of the ones I already have (even with the extra perks of the Thieves Guild).
Ænima 13 okt 2013 om 8:02nm 
Economics Of Skyrim, it's my favorite economy mod. It has many options to make vendor's items cost more, and your items sell for less, or the complete opposite if that's your thing. I have my vendors prices at "Inconceivable" and it does make the game more challenging, immersive, and interesting. You will have to get it off of the Nexus, it's not on Steam.

Might not be what you're looking for since you are balling but for me it's great. I start a lot of new characters and often find myself thinking about how to manage my money well.
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