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laura_roks_1998 2013年10月11日 0時10分
HELP! Dawnguard not working....
So I downloaded Dawnguard from the Steam shop righto, and it said that DLC's should download automatically. So I start the game and...nothing. I looked up everything that should happen (guards talking about Dawnguard and the Orc who meets you after LvL 10) but none of this happened AT ALL. Apparently when you open Skyrim it should ask if you'd like to activate the DLC, but none of this has happened yet. I've looked up all help I can get but nothing seems to be working. If I right-click on Skyrim in my Library, and click "Downloadable Content" and then "DLC's", Dawnguard is there and everything, but it's not showing up in my game at all. Thanks :)
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boogyman1421 2013年10月11日 0時47分 
Did you make sure it is checked and activated in your Data files?
laura_roks_1998 2013年10月11日 0時54分 
It's never showed up in my Data Files? The only things in my data files are the mods from the Steam Workshop I have with the game....
boogyman1421 2013年10月11日 1時10分 
Now. Right click on The Elder Scrolls V:skyrim from your steam account. Click properties, click the local files and verify integrity of game cache.
laura_roks_1998 2013年10月11日 1時16分 
Done :) I have quite a few mods (20-30) and after it verifyed my files, it said "3 files failed to veryify and will be reacquired' but after that message, at the bottom of my screen it has "1 ITEM DOWNLOADING" so I'm taking it it's working! :) thanks so much for your help, I'm not a very technological whiz so I need all the help I can get really, but I'm willing to learn :) yet again, thanks! I was honestly beginning to think that I'd wasted $20 ahaha!
boogyman1421 2013年10月11日 1時16分 
do you have the Skyrim Icon on your desktop? If you do, open/double click on it and go into the Data files option and make sure that it is ticked and at the top of your list.
boogyman1421 2013年10月11日 1時18分 
No problem. Any time. And happy gamming.
laura_roks_1998 2013年10月11日 1時18分 
It's still downloading, should I do that after it's finished?
boogyman1421 2013年10月11日 1時25分 
yep. To make sure it is activated by default. And at the top of your list. Oh. And if you are running mods. You might want to get BOSS. It helps with your load oder and prevents your game from crashing all the time. Here is a link for BOSS And i dont know what kind of Mods you have?. But you might want to download Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) here A lot of Mods require it.
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laura_roks_1998 2013年10月11日 1時32分 
Alright, on it. OK, I always thought SKSE was something that was automaticlly updated with Skyrim. Apparently not aha! See, not very up to date with all the tech. Play Skyrim for the thrills I do. I have mostly graphic enhancing mods, a few armor mods and just the odd house ones as well. Oh. The most important mod is the exploding chicken one. haha :P but yes, SKSE I shall download, then I'll see how I go with BOSS. It's all downloaded and looks ready to go! Thankyou! I'll just comment on this post again if I run into any issues! :)
boogyman1421 2013年10月11日 1時42分 
Ok. Sounds good. Hope everything goes well. Im here anytime you need help. Or you can friend me?. And i can help you more. I started just like you and have had the game since it came out. Anytime i had problems i always checked the forums out. There is always someone here to help you.
laura_roks_1998 2013年10月11日 2時00分 
There really is! It's working!!! :D yeah sure! It would be easier to talk to you then! :)
boogyman1421 2013年10月11日 2時23分 
[DSF] Xentrail 2013年10月12日 9時12分 
Thanks :)
Ezg12312 2013年12月18日 14時09分 
thaks so much
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