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B7™ 2013年10月10日下午4:37
Best Female Sword
Hello i have a Female Caracter. (a succubus but with elvish also) and I whant to find a sober but classy 1 handed sword and I REALLY whant to find the best one for my caracter. (I have some pictures on my account) please I f you have any idea send a message

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Moose Knuckles 2013年10月10日下午4:38 
Eboy sword! I love them with my hcaracters ;D
Moose Knuckles 2013年10月10日下午4:38 
mcbarker69 2013年10月10日下午5:20 
If you have the Dragonborn DLC, a dagger made of Stalhrim, and enchanted with Absorb Health plus any destruction spell will beat the crap out of a one-handed sword. It's my goto weapon. I can face a dragon, and kill it with a single blow with this dagger. Of course, your smithing abilities have to be high so that you can make it "legendary". and you have to get the Nordic Pickaxe to be able to mine the Stalhrim.
B7™ 2013年10月10日下午5:21 
I mean like sword mod
Joms 2013年10月11日上午1:28 
try this one its an red elven sword. its in immersive weapons, it looks like this
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