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Kubloo 2013年11月3日 23時48分
there is an npc that keeps following me named sally the draugr. she came out of nowhere for no apparent reason. i want her gone. i don't know her base code so i can't make her unnessential. I can't find a record of this npc anywhere either. She's just a small draugr who i can't talk to.
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Sleepyest☁™ 2013年11月4日 0時05分 
That is a mod haha, mate you have to uninstall or if that isn't the case use the 'kill' command!
Kubloo 2013年11月4日 0時17分 
the thing is she's essential, so it doesn't kill her. is there a command to kill an essential npc?
Terronnn 2013年11月4日 5時27分 
riffahlc175 2013年11月4日 6時41分 
Its got to be a mod. The Draugr aren't named, except the Dragon Priests. On the workshop, there is a mod that will allow you to kill essentials, but you'll have to be careful who you kill. I've seen it, but I forget the name of it.
The Dovahneer 2013年11月4日 6時51分 
Useing console click on it, type in disable.

You're welcome.
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Zefram Cochrane 2013年11月5日 17時48分 
O/T has anyone noticed there aren't any female draugr in vanila? No female giants, either.
riffahlc175 2013年11月5日 21時21分 
There are female Draugr. Look more closely............
Kubloo 2013年11月5日 22時38分 
Look much more closely 0.0
Kubloo 2013年11月5日 22時38分 
btw Dovahneer hit the nail on the head.
NighT WolF 2013年11月10日 15時32分 
Now i have the Sally Draugr too.

I have no clue which mod adds sally. Cant even find anything about her except for this thread. :s
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NighT WolF 2013年11月10日 16時04分 
Hah, i think ive found the mod. Nice Halloween prank. Too bad i havent played it at the right moment. :/
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Vahlok Ro Tiid 2013年11月10日 16時04分 
I can't help but laugh about this one. A draugr who's got the hots for ya.
I guess we're not all into necrophelia. LMAO
Demetron 2013年11月11日 2時01分 
Hi, I also have this problem. Can someone write, which mod I can delete, to get rid of Sally?
Kubloo 2013年11月11日 11時49分 
If you want to get rid of Sally just go into console controls by hitting the ~ key, click on her to bring up her reference code, and type "disable" and poof she's gone.
7Death5 2013年11月11日 13時59分 
I think the mod that brought her in for me was Hanali follower...
Anyways, when i used the Touring Carriage, she couldn't keep up and just vanished forever. Now that i've installed the luxury suite or whatever, along with a lot of other mods, she's back. And when i use the ''kill'' command, i die. ♥♥♥♥in great (actually i can't really kill anybody with that command, i have no ideia why)
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