Gothic_mando 2 nov 2013 à 12h29
hey guys just downloaded the mod moonlight tales, which allows you to configure settings for beast form in skyrim, it says all configurations take place through MCM (which im guessing means mod configuration menu?) but i cant find an 'MCM' when i play the game. im guessing i have to install that too? Anyway ive done some research and havent found anything telling me what MCM is or how i get it or if i need to download it separately. Some posts point to downloading skyUI to get it(ofc i could be wrong) but that looks like a lot of hassle. So is MCM already in the game or do i have to download another mod for that? (and if so which one) thanks in advance!^^
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Drunk N' Deadly 2 nov 2013 à 12h32 
MCM is part of SkyUI, but there is a patch to remove the SkyUI elements beyond the MCM.
But yeah, no other way to get MCM as far as I am aware, besides why would you not install SkyUI? It is a massive improvement over the vanilla UI.
Gothic_mando 2 nov 2013 à 12h35 
ah ok thanks ^^ well i guess its just laziness. to get ui you need the skse or w.e its called. and thats not on steam or nexus as far as im aware....also im always wary of downloading lots of mods in case my laptop cant handle it.
Gothic_mando 2 nov 2013 à 12h54 
ok ive got skse page up, cant see a download link so im guessing i hit 'installer' button. is that the correct way to install it? ^^
Dr. Shocks . DO 2 nov 2013 à 13h04 
From this site:
There's a link that is called "installer".
That will download the SKSE files and run an executable to install the files automatically [recommended route if you're new to modding].

It's not a pretty site by any means; but it is short, simple and to the point.
Gothic_mando 2 nov 2013 à 13h13 
oh thanks man ^^ just did that thanks for reassuring me that i got it right! ^^ so skyui will work for it now i guess, btw on an unrelated sidenote who is that guy in your profile pic. feel like ive seen that a million times before but i cant recall where from.. xD
Dr. Shocks . DO 2 nov 2013 à 13h16 
He has become an internet "meme", but I know him from the show "Ancient Aliens" [one of my fav TV shows].
Gothic_mando 2 nov 2013 à 13h18 
oh right x ) actually never heard of that show.
Gothic_mando 2 nov 2013 à 14h54 
hey man just tried using skyui and my game says skse isnt running, despite the fact that i used the 'skse skyrim desktop shortcut' that i got from the installer to launch the game.
Dr. Shocks . DO 2 nov 2013 à 14h59 
You're using SkyUI 4.1 from here ?:
Gothic_mando 2 nov 2013 à 15h03 
yep thats right, also im using boss load order and that seems to detect skse and that i have the latest version of skse too. and yes the skse files are in the skyrim directory and not the data directory in my documents. only thing option i have heard of is running skse skyrim launcher as an 'administrator'. EDIT: administrator doesnt seem to work either..
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