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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Cledwyn the Great 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 9 時 45 分
Tips for beating Miraak?
I'll start by saying I'm level 41, but most of his attacks kill me in one hit. -__- Is Miraak at a fixed level higher than mine, or does he level with the player?

On a second note, I've tried using every means at my disposal to give me an edge... Spectral assassin and thralls to tank, Highborn and Vampire Lord abilities, but nothing gives me a good advantage. Does he have any special weaknesses I may be missing?
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⚜ Heijin Val ⚜ 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 9 時 58 分 
If you are a Highborn-assuming you are an altmer. Miraak isn't too much of a challenge if you taken good magic resistance/ smithed armor into consideration. Attack with range abilities if you cannot withstand his melee too well. Heal yourself with a good restoration spell if you have those while in battle and use any of the stones abilities from the main storyline- the Werebear summon can help extremely well in this fight as it has the power ability to slug and push enemies around a bit if I not mistaken. gl.
最後修改者:⚜ Heijin Val ⚜; 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 10 時 02 分
Alembrik 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 10 時 05 分 
I don't remember how I defeated him, but my usual combat style is ranged archery with a powerful enchanted bow (I have 3 to choose from); melee with the Elven Greatsword of Flames if that fails. In all of Apocrypha, I used about 300 arrows. I don't remember how many I used on Miraak.

I'm not sure how much it may help, but ‘Journal > System > Gameplay > Difficulty’ set to ‘Novice’ might help. Getting killed in Apocrypha can be frustrating.
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William415832 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 10 時 23 分 
DONT use magic because he absorbs it so you should just find a nice daedric weapon and kill him like I killed Miraak with Ebony Blade.
Spam Machine 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 11 時 14 分 
I used level 1 Dragon Aspect shout and slashed at him with Windshear while using level 1 Mark for Death shout until he died. I was maximally level 25...
INVENTOR GOD 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 11 時 15 分 
and get a lot of potions! i was lvl 36 he was hard a lot harder than Harkon!
baka_yu 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 上午 11 時 58 分 
I used an Ebony Greatsword with Heavy Armour and did fine. I was level 26 when I fought him. Use potions/restauration magic to heal yourself occasionally, otherwise you should be fine.
markdb92 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 1 時 09 分 
When I am usualy get to him I have overpowered weapons and such that would one shot him breaking the fight so I ended up punching the guy to death or use conjuction spells ie summons and bound weapons.
Trigger 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 1 時 30 分 
this part of the Dragonborn D.L.C. can be very buggie. use lower damage unenchanted weapons on Miraak. when you are fighting him and you are taking his health away from him, he will turn away from you and whirlwind away from you, DO NOT CHASE HIM, this part of the fight is scripted to happen three times where he whirlwinds away from you-shows up in the middle-kills a dragon to capture its soul and regain full health again, then he will come after you again. this will happen 3 times. wait for Miraak to come after you, and wait for Miraak to finish his little speech when you first meet him
xG shadowslayer 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 1 時 31 分 
i would use that alcemy glich with fortify restoration. make smithing and enchanting potions thats how i beat him. good luck :)
Cledwyn the Great 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 1 時 48 分 
Thanks for the tips everyone!

I actually just beat him, I guess it was so difficult for me because I had no health potions whatsoever, but tons of magicka potions... I ended up blasting him apart with spells while Lucien LaChance and conjured wrathmen kept him busy.
Pickles 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 6 時 07 分 
I beat him at level 15, mage but seeing my level i put myself at novice diffuculty. :p
Naiavita GreyMoore 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 6 時 13 分 
My advice: Slice his smug face off.

I tried using magic and ranged, along with shouts, but they did very little. Then I pulled out my dual glass swords and charged in. Suffice it to say, he melted in a matter of seconds. :3
xaa 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 7 時 10 分 
I had my character pull out an iron dagger I looted from a bandit and just stabbed Miraak over and over and over and over and over. For about an hour.


Because when I tried beating on him with my usual weapons, the encounter basically hung at then end when he finally ran out of hit points because my character hit too hard and messed up the script that handles the climax and resolution of the fight. He wasn't able to hurt my character, she had maxed out armor and stupid-fast health regeneration.

LM 2013 年 11月 2 日 @ 下午 7 時 40 分 
Try getting the Lord Stone, and if you have the Aetherial Crown, the Atronarch Stone.
Aergistal 2013 年 11月 3 日 @ 上午 4 時 09 分 
I used Bend Will to ride the dragons in that room and attack him. By the time he killed them all he was low on health so I stuck a sword in his face and he was done for (I'm playing a dual wielding weapon master).
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