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Where would you like to live?
Suppose you were transported magically, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to Skyrim. Several years before the events of the game, so there are no dragons and no Stormcloak revolt. You find it impossible to return to Earth and have to settle down. Where in Skyrim would you like to live?

Call me simplistic, but I would choose Riverwood. It's kind of idyllic and the nearby terrain is very agreeable, nice for hiking (lake, forest, river, waterfalls etc.)

Edit: I've collected the "votes" so far (Nov 10 2013), when more than one site is mentioned I have taken the first. When specific places or dungeons are mentioned, I've tried to place them in the nearest town. Only places in Skyrim qualify.
The vote is pretty spread out, it seems that the different holds have appeal to different people. (Note: Most of those that voted for Winterhold specified that they would live in the college. Makes sense as the town is pretty bleak!) No votes for Riften, Windhelm or Morthal.

Winterhold- 8
Riverwood- 6
Whiterun- 6
Falkreath- 5
Solitude- 3
Markarth- 1
Dawnstar- 1
Solstheim- 1
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