Sauron - On Holiday 2013年10月30日上午2:25
Skyrim Keeps Crashing On Startup?
I don't know why, it's really annoying. I have SKSE updated, used the latest steam patcher, it's not mods because I disabled all of them.
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flemhein 2013年10月30日上午3:39 
before start the game go in data files and chek the files then set them to load
Happy Miku 2013年10月30日上午9:25 
use BOSS to correct your mod loadorder, find it via google
and check your mos requirements
Sauron - On Holiday 2013年10月30日上午10:15 
@Flem that's got nothing to do with what I said. I've tried with both mods disabled and enabled.
@NightCore Is load order relevant? I'm not sure if it's got anything to do with it.
Happy Miku 2013年10月30日上午10:18 
yes it is. its hard to explain, to keep it simple: mods can override each other depending on the time they are loaded. then you will crash in the main menu or randomly ingame
Sauron - On Holiday 2013年10月30日上午10:20 
Oh yeah. No, I've checked individually. All of my mods are compatible. Also, it crashes when I disable everything except the 3 DLC's. And I mean EVERYTHING. Literally all that's loaded when I start up is Skyrim, Dawnguard, HearthFires and Dragonborn ESM's and BSA's. It still crashes right before main menu, immediately after the bethesda loading screen.
Happy Miku 2013年10月30日上午10:23 
then change your audiooutputrate to 44100 khz
Sauron - On Holiday 2013年10月30日上午10:45 
Audio Output rate? How is that relevent :D)
Sauron - On Holiday 2013年10月30日上午10:46 
And where do I do it?
Happy Miku 2013年10月30日上午10:53 
i dont have an english OS, google for skyrim audio bug
found this:
Start -> Control Panel -> Sound

Select the output speakers being used and click Properties

Under the advanced tab, change the sample rate to 24 bit / 44100 Hz"
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Sauron - On Holiday 2013年10月30日上午10:54 
Nothing came up to do with crashing on start screen.
NoobGamer 2013年10月30日上午11:06 
me too it's so annoying...I have never had this before so i dont know what to do or anythig like that
Happy Miku 2013年10月30日上午11:12 
引用自 Your Mom
me too it's so annoying...I have never had this before so i dont know what to do or anythig like that
use BOSS to sort your mod loadorder
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