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Sauron_RoL 2013年10月30日 2時25分
Skyrim Keeps Crashing On Startup?
I don't know why, it's really annoying. I have SKSE updated, used the latest steam patcher, it's not mods because I disabled all of them.
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flemhein 2013年10月30日 3時39分 
before start the game go in data files and chek the files then set them to load
Bread Miku 2013年10月30日 9時25分 
use BOSS to correct your mod loadorder, find it via google
and check your mos requirements
Sauron_RoL 2013年10月30日 10時15分 
@Flem that's got nothing to do with what I said. I've tried with both mods disabled and enabled.
@NightCore Is load order relevant? I'm not sure if it's got anything to do with it.
Bread Miku 2013年10月30日 10時18分 
yes it is. its hard to explain, to keep it simple: mods can override each other depending on the time they are loaded. then you will crash in the main menu or randomly ingame
Sauron_RoL 2013年10月30日 10時20分 
Oh yeah. No, I've checked individually. All of my mods are compatible. Also, it crashes when I disable everything except the 3 DLC's. And I mean EVERYTHING. Literally all that's loaded when I start up is Skyrim, Dawnguard, HearthFires and Dragonborn ESM's and BSA's. It still crashes right before main menu, immediately after the bethesda loading screen.
Bread Miku 2013年10月30日 10時23分 
then change your audiooutputrate to 44100 khz
Sauron_RoL 2013年10月30日 10時45分 
Audio Output rate? How is that relevent :D)
Sauron_RoL 2013年10月30日 10時46分 
And where do I do it?
Bread Miku 2013年10月30日 10時53分 
i dont have an english OS, google for skyrim audio bug
found this:
Start -> Control Panel -> Sound

Select the output speakers being used and click Properties

Under the advanced tab, change the sample rate to 24 bit / 44100 Hz"
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Sauron_RoL 2013年10月30日 10時54分 
Nothing came up to do with crashing on start screen.
NoobGamer 2013年10月30日 11時06分 
me too it's so annoying...I have never had this before so i dont know what to do or anythig like that
Bread Miku 2013年10月30日 11時12分 
Your Mom の投稿を引用:
me too it's so annoying...I have never had this before so i dont know what to do or anythig like that
use BOSS to sort your mod loadorder
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