Emton 2013年12月2日下午8:58
Got stuck, need a command to move
Hey I was on a wooden fort tower thing and I ended up falling through the floor underneath where I'm now stuck. Is there a quick easy command I can use to fly out or get repositioned?
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DariusRaider 2013年12月2日下午9:07 
"tcl" turns collisions off/on and allows free movement, that should work.
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Emton 2013年12月2日下午9:09 
Yes that worked thanks
Trigger 2013年12月2日下午9:27 
next time just fast travel somewhere
Zefram Cochrane 2013年12月3日上午3:06 
or type "coc whiterun", "coc riverwood" or the name of any other cell.
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