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[FFrogsQC] Poptart 2013年12月2日 19時21分
A Simple Question From A Newb
In wich difficluty should I play skyrim, I'd like to have a challenge but a friend of mine told me that skyrim on expert is retardly hardcore... what do you guys think?
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clthomps 2013年12月2日 19時24分 
You can change difficulties at any point in the game, so start with a tick or two above the easiest and adjust as necessary. If you've played elder scroll or fallout games before then you can probably start a little tougher than that.
[FFrogsQC] Poptart 2013年12月2日 19時27分 
Oh really, you can change difficulties at any point in game?! Interesting.. Alright ty!
stabbykitteh 2013年12月2日 19時28分 
Expert isn't so bad. You can always turn down the difficulty (even during a fight) if it's not working for you. Best way to know is to try it out, there's no penalty for changing it later.
[FFrogsQC] Poptart 2013年12月2日 19時30分 
Great! ty :)
jv209 2013年12月2日 19時49分 
lol @ any of Skyrim's difficulty levels being hardcore. Your friend is bad and should feel bad.
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Trigger 2013年12月2日 21時18分 
Legendary is a blast, run alot or die.
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