The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Silverace16 2013年11月29日下午6:20
Console vs pc
I have skyrim with all dlcs for console should i get the legendary for 40% off or not? Also do you think the price will lower again by december 3rd?
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Pumba70 2013年11月29日下午6:21 
Silverace16 2013年11月29日下午6:22 
I Have skyrim with every dlc on xbox 360 should i get legendary edition on pc?
Pommes 2013年11月29日下午6:29 
If you have a high end gamer pc go get it. You can download some astonishing mods.
Maregon Draco 2013年11月29日下午6:29 
I got it. Worth it for the mods
Silverace16 2013年11月29日下午6:29 
I use a standard laptop :/ lol. Does that change anything?
Zloth 2013年11月29日下午6:34 
?? This is the PC world. We don't have standards. ;)
If you want it for PC, buy it the Elder Scrolls Anthology Collection online for $29.99. Best Buy had them today, not sure where else have them. You get every Elder Scrolls game with every DLC.
Celtic-Soul 2013年11月29日下午6:56 
if you can run the game on pc then play it on pc and enjoy mods :)
this works for every cross-platform game.
Silverace16 2013年11月29日下午6:57 
Why would i need every elder scrolls game, they are extremely dated.
jV 2013年11月29日下午6:57 
The game is alot better on PC. The mods make the game imo.
Silverace16 2013年11月29日下午6:58 
So, should i get skyrim or skyrim legendary edition?
Cat Daddy 2013年11月29日下午7:02 
consoles suck

seriously the game looks TERRIBLE on the consoles. On the pc you can make the graphics better and then add ENBs ontop of that and then add more hd mods and yet MORE graphics enhancing mods on top of that

its like this whole crap with the xbox1 and ps4 being...the FUTURE of your using a 64bit OS, congrats! took you what? 8 years? they keep saying call of duty ghosts is next gen gaming yet ive seen a GTX260 handle it on high fine enough and a gtx460 handle it on max perfectly.

seriously games like skyrim were MADE for the pc. Were given the creation kit by bethesda and can make the game completely different to anyone elses.

The BIG difference between console VS pc skyrim is that with console skyrim - EVERYONES playing the same boring dull game with poor graphics

The pc version - everyone pretty much uses mods and no 2 peoples skyrim is ever really the same. So we all get a whole new experience that we can add to more and more
Sturmgewehr_44 2013年11月29日下午7:16 
^Agreed, consoles are sort of well, terrible. There are really no reason for using them, and they are, quite frankly, a major waste of money. Since you are using a laptop? Specs are pretty mandatory. Go for the Elder Scrolls Anthrology. I reckon it comes with CD Key's for the Steam version, as well as a Disk for each of the TES games it includes (No Spin-off's, just TES I Arena- V Skyrim) and a nice collection of Maps from each Installment!
Silverace16 2013年11月29日下午7:20 
^Both consoles and pcs have pros and cons a con of pc is the bad community and a con of the consoles is no control over the specs. But on the good side consoles don't cost as much.
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Zefram Cochrane 2013年11月29日下午7:22 
Wait for teh Steam sale... I got legendary for less than half price in the last
最后由 Zefram Cochrane 编辑于; 2013年11月29日下午7:23
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