The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
360 Controller
Is it something worth using in this game? I just bought it. What are you opinions?
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No, Mouse and keyboard is substantially better despite complaints from the PC master race about lazy console-fied controls. The combat flows much smoother with a mouse and keyboard since it is easier to select spells/weapons on the fly. With a controller, you find yourself pausing way too much during combat because there isn't enough hotkeys available. I just got this game on PC after playing it on 360 a few years ago and these are the main things that stood out to me. Hope this helps.
Автор останньої редакції: jV; 29 лис 2013 о 18:15
I personally had no issue using my 360 controller during my various play throughs on 360 and on PC. The only reason I even put it on my pc was for the graphics and the mods. I like being able to sit back and relax after work without having to sit in a computer chair. It really would depend on your play style I suppose as far as pausing goes but I did not have such an issue as that. Smooth and painless. I do prefer 360 controller for any game that does support it as convenience is important to me. Despite my play time that may be listed in steam, my actual play tme and achievments are far greater then those as I did not always have skyrim on steam. Hope our reviews help :) mostly its just going to boil down to personal preference.
Yes, if you like controllers, use it.
I have a weird setup. I use my mouse with my left hand and my controller with my right hand. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to anyone else, but it works for me.
I prefer to use a 360 For Windows controller with Skyrim. I do better with archery and having to rotate around at moving targets that way.
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Показані коментарі 16 із 6
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