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Can i buy legendary edition if i got original Skyrim ?
i got the original Skyrim and never bought any DLC. I would like to know if i can buy this LEGEN- wait for it - DARY edition, and just use the DLC with my old skyrim ?
Thank you
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His Divine Shadow 2013年11月28日 2時45分 
it will overwrite i think. buy legendary now.
Thadian 2013年11月28日 3時15分 
It will overwrite, I did this with Oblivion not too long ago, buying the complete edition on sale despite already having a "lesser version". The complete version replaced the other.

I would price compare getting all 3 DLC separate vs actually getting the legendary edtion. 2013年11月28日 3時38分 
but what if they do a DLC pack that cost less than the legendary edition ... ?
Dovahkiin 2013年11月28日 3時49分 
For me, Dawnguard + Dragonborn alone costs more than the Legendary edition at this moment in time. It would be most wise to purchase the Legendary edition now. I don't believe a simple DLC pack will come into existance. 2013年11月28日 4時52分 
Dont know .. i think i will wait christmas.
Dovahkiin 2013年11月28日 4時54分 
It's up to you man, 66% off is pretty good. Though it may hit 75-80% off in a flash sale or in the christmas sales. :3 2013年11月28日 5時11分 
if DLC dont change the original story, there is no rush to get DLC. But if they add something in the main story, if they are not just additionnal games AFTER the main story ...
Dovahkiin 2013年11月28日 5時12分 
If the DLC added to the main story the developers would be nailed to crucifixes for releasing an incomplete game. :P

But yeah, fair enough. They just add items, new storylines and areas. 2013年11月28日 5時15分 
Haha you are right. It happen a lot. I even thought DLC is something to cut a game in 3 part and make more money.

Well, i will wait. 13,59€ is a good price for the DLC, but i havent finish the story so i will wait a low price DLC pack.

Thank you :)
Dovahkiin 2013年11月28日 5時18分 
Good thinking man, no problem and happy dragon slaying! 2013年11月28日 5時24分 
Thank you :)
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